Coldseal radio ads

Ok.. i know this is sad… but i really want the cd which has all of the old coldseal radio ads on. Reminds me of my days at college and uni n they used to give me n my mates a good chuckle! Especialy the one about the Pigs which got made into bacon butties n sausage sandwiches. What does this have to do with double glazing, i hear you all cry? Pretty much nothing, i answer, but, what it did do was make the brand a nationally recognisable product and was perhaps the best example of the effect of skilled advertising in the uk, something which is pretty incredible when u have the like of the pot noodle horn, strange tango men, and the ever loving Shake and Vac woman to contend with!

As it happened, the company went pop in the end, but it won zillions of awards and created bucket loads of business at its peak, and all of this was due to the radio ads. And i need em! lol.


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