About Me

Amended for the 100th time haha
So.. I’m now 46. Just over 8 years in Leiden in Holland, seven of them a married man, I’ve wound up back in the UK divorced (of my own choice) and somewhat unsure of what the hell is coming next.

Having lived in Crewe, Brighton, Wolverhampton, Nundah in Australia and spent more than a month in total in Las Vegas it’s fair to say I’ve been about a bit. I’ve worked days, nights, on computers or trundling the racking in warehouses, and been a house husband. I’ve played Dad to various kids over the years, some of whom still see fit to stay in contact, been a lover, a lodger, and even both at the same time! I’ve cleaned the Civic Hall in Wolves at 4am and optimized websites for Trout Fisheries on the San Juan river in New Mexico! And, on top of that, I’ve written sports articles that have attracted three quarters of a million readers!

And now I’m single, back in the UK, and probably mostly absent from here, neglecting the blog in order to somehow keep my head above water. However, I’ve managed in the last couple of years to visit 4 capital cities in Europe, Riga, Vilnius, Prague and Vienna, and I’ve made it to California in the USA! So.. the water seems a little further away nowadays.

It’s been interesting so far…

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