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 Well, I went to the Wolves v Arsenal game!


It didn’t go well! 3-1 is not how I envisaged it going at all! However, it was fun, and it was nice to be at a game again, albeit alone. I was impressed at the stadium atmosphere…not so much by the performance lol




Arsene Wenger to follow in Sir Alex’s footsteps? And are Newcastle doooooomed?

Much speculation has occured over the last few months concerning Arsene Wenger’s future at the Gunners. I’ve written a small piece about the possibility of him choosing a similar course of action to Fergie, and if it might be the right move.¬†

I have to shamelessly use my blog to promote it, on the grounds of, more reads equates to a better following, which in turn, might stand me in good stead for writing permanently for the website, so, do your good deed for the day people, read the article, and if you like it, click like, (no need to share) and … I will forever be in your debt!


Also, I have taken time out to address Newcastle, Norwich and Wigan’s situation. Relegation looms for one of these three, most people would think, but, the permutations are crazy. This IS the Premier League, and who knows what might happen. So, if your interest is spiked, please, have a read of this article, and throw some comments at me!