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So, what’s new in the world of Wiseman? I’ve neglected this blog again and it still bothers me that almost everything is negative over the last year on here. So…

In truth, Liverpool has been pretty kind to me. I don’t think I’ve pissed my niece off too much as of yet. It’s funny, it took a while to actually relax here. I’m still very aware I’m beholding and that’s not a position I’m good at being in, but pride has to take a back seat every so often. H has been sound with me, ignoring my occasional antagonistic side which I swear is hormonal and basically we’ve got along like mates. Her kids are bright and strong minded which makes for an entertaining time. I’m not sure about ‘Cole’s impression of me though! Not sure about that at all. It had us in hysterics, that much is true! H herself works too hard and too many hours. It’s difficult to pull rank (Uncle counts as a rank, right?) when I’m the one under her roof but, i’d be happier if she gave herself a break which didn’t involve hospitals.

Work has been entertaining if a little frustrating. The two people I trusted at Amazon in Brum are both at the Manchester depo which is a good thing, but they’re both on opposite shifts to me, so I only bump into them on a Wednesday which sucks. JenniewithoutaY still turns me instantly pink with a flash of her eyes, but also inspires me because of who she is. Her passion.. yep.. it shines out of her. She’s so similar to me in certain ways that at times I’m a little scared for her. I know my own tendency to self destruct… but anyway. Wednesdays are better with her in it. The work itself? I’m finally on a PC where I belong and problem solving. The 10 hour shifts I’m used to after having survived BHX1 in Rugeley but the leaving the house at 4.30am and not getting back until 8pm… that takes its toll.  But, I’m blue badged, (employed by Amazon, not an agency) and contracted properly, so until I find accommodation closer to work, it’s just something I have to deal with.

Fortunately there is a local pub nearby (within 100 meters!) where I can relax and let off steam. Newcastle Brown and Speckled Hen at £2.80 a pint? Glorious. The people in there seem to have accepted the hairy bloke who was in the corner and now I have people who I can bounce off when I have a spare moment, which is great. In the Giffard I had the music for company, but this place is much of a muchness with the Kings Arms in Crewe so it’s all about the community and interaction. I made the mistake of saying that I quite liked a lass who comes in, and was immediately teased mercilessly about it.  Good times!! I feel welcome. That’s pretty rare for me and might influence where I sort out living. It’s not really practical to stay in Liverpool given the expense to travel daily but.. there are things more important than money.

So.. a blog which isn’t full of anger and angst. I woke up on Sunday and actually felt like myself again. It’s been a long time since I’d done that. H turned round and said I looked younger this week too. Maybe I’ve de-stressed? I don’t know. But whatever it is… I’ll take it.


We all touch someone’s hand, on the way through the dance.

Ah, I have again neglected this blog far too much. My apologies.

So, what’s new in the world of Wiseman? My last post was in October! Disgraceful! I’ve been busy since then. Firstly and fore-mostly, I’ve become a father. Oh wait, no. I mean a Godfather. I keep forgetting that you can’t  just remove God out of everything just because he’s imaginary. Anyway, I was honoured to be asked by a certain Mr Myers, and his good lady Sadie, to play Godfather to Silvia-Rose, so I flew over to sunny Crewe for a few days.


A good time was had by all and it was good to reconnect again. I still don’t really know what Sadie made of me, especially as I was shattered throughout most of my visit, and annoyed as the Crewe Arms Hotel had no hot water for my entire stay! A review of the place can be found HERE which, while written in my usual good humour, still reflects quite how angry I was. 

Anyway, moving on, I also went to my first Champions League game, Ajax v Celtic, which was actually pretty damned cool. Cost a small fortune but, the game was good, the atmosphere and seats good, but the fans behaviour was seriously grim. Fighting everywhere outside, and inside, every foul was bellowed at like someone had beheadded their favourite dog, and then eaten it. Hoping for slightly more sportsmanship and slightly less partisan attitude when we go and see Arsenal v Cardiff on New Years Day. I did however, manage to get a couple of good pictures, this one being one of the best.


Well, I like it anyway!

And now? Well.. there is not much new really. Still writing my football articles, which have garnered me over 150,000 reads. The next milestone I suppose is half a million, and the January Transfer Window should help me with that. Actually wrote an article today saying Suarez could well be an Arsenal target again now that Liverpool’s Sturridge is injured, which seems to be grabbing some attention. Feel free passing people to go join in the debate.

Xmas seems like it will be a non-event his year. As I’ve still not set foot in the pub where last year we had our dinner, I suppose it will probably be just the two of us. Not such a bad thing I suppose. New Year should consist of the Giffard in Wolves the Arsenal game at The Emirates, and then back to sunny Crewe for pies and Indians! As a side note, and a strange coincidence, my rosacea has barely flared in the last year. I’m wondering if there is a connection, either relating to stresses which are no longer there from going into my old local, or more likely, perhaps a detergent used to clean the glasses was helping it eat my face. Either way, I’m good with the fact that it’s eased off.

Given how lax I’ve been, then next update will probably contain pictures of all of the above! Until then… toodle pip.