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Therapy? interview

So, I got my first shot at an interview for UberRock and who should it be but the the very band I know most about besides Deep Purple. Chuffed as mintballs I was, and so it was out with Word, and my thinking cap on. The results of it can be found here and I have to say I’m quite pleased as Andy Cairns actually properly seemed to engage with the questions. There’s a couple of daft ones but they were still genuine questions which I was curious to hear the answers to. Kakistocracy and Crutch are such good songs.

Other than that, all’s well with the world I guess. Latvia and Lithuania were fun. Flights were easy, and generally it’s all peaceful in my world. It’s bills’r’us time but hey ho. It continues to get me back established in the system and gives me history in the UK, something I’ve not had since 2007!