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Time flies.

So, it’s February and I’m still here. Still alive, still in Wolves, and still typing out the occasional missive. I’m as surprised as I can be given the scenarios which have passed through my world over the last 21 weeks. I’d actually decided to discontinue this blog and go completely off the grid, disappear to somewhere like Peru and then… not return. I’d assumed that Amazon would be temporary and thus, my accommodation gone. However, Amazon is still for some reason seeing fit to keep me on their books, and developments in New Zealand altered my priorities, at least for a while. 

So what’s happening there? Well it’s reasonably simple. Glenda has always said, Jack comes to me or I come to Jack if the worst happened to her. It seems either she didn’t tell her family that, or they’re simply ignoring it. My plan was to simply get on a plane, and take custody and then see what happens. I had Glenda’s permission to sell the house if needed and I fully expected that was going to be the way to go.

However, the people there were having none of it. Claims that I had simply not been in touch. I’d not been interested. Lots of swearing and angry messages. Wonderful. It seems they see Jack as a possession. Something I’m not happy with. Not happy at all.


So… I got as far as having given my details to the travel person for a flight and… as I was going through the booking, the price changed to the tune of £200! So I sat… festered.. chewed it over… checked and double checked.. hit solicitors here, contacted the NZ version of social services and CAB etc etc, and a picture emerged that said, unlike here, I might actually not get custody. It seriously looks like possession is indeed 9/10ths of the law there. This became a risk to myself that I simply couldn’t take. Having just survived a move of country and a divorce, to give up all I have and risk ending up like I did the last time I tried to be Dad to Jack… was not something I thought I could survive. Add to that the barrage of texts from a variety of people now using Glenda’s phone to send various messages attempting to dissuade me and the outright hostility on FB from others, and it appears the only option is this : As I have no way to have one on one contact with Jack without people listening / censoring the communication then a reversion back to no contact is the only way to go. I’ve kept the correspondence from the various people and will in turn when he’s an adult simply present it to him with the explanation of… “I tried, twice, was prepared, twice, and was thwarted twice, on my intentions to be dad.” 


And so now what? Life goes on. It’s looking possible Amazon might make me permanent rather than still on the temp contract. I should send a shout out to Jennie (without a Y!) for making the days far more tolerable and then retract it for being bloody stubborn! This “puppy” has an urge to crap on your shoes hehe! In all seriousness, anyone who could make me laugh, blush, smile and actually stay sane has to be pretty damn special. Thank you!  And then…the Giff has been my safe place as I always knew it would be. Tim, Dawn, and Nathan have all had me bore them with my tales of my travails, and the music has recharged me. It still seems wrong not to have John in the DJ box on Fridays but, he’s still about and I’ve grabbed a beer or two with him and Mystic.. which compensates a little.

Speaking of such things… there’s lots of real ale in the Lych gate that won’t drink itself!