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Newcastle Brown in Leiden.

Ah Netherlands, slowly but surely you’re becoming more accommodating to us people from across the pond. For indeed, what the title says is true, Newcastle Brown has made it over the water. I know, I know, it is but a beer, and to those who drink merely Heineken,  or other such lagers, the concept of missing such a curious tasting brew must be something of a challenge to comprehend, which, given the penchant to serve beers here at a temperature so cold it is not actually taste-able, is in turn, understandable . However, things they are a changing, and it is with a heartfelt thanks to the Duke of Oz in Leiden, that this is so. Also pretty much the only bastion of the steak pie in Leiden within the pub environment, the Duke of Oz has once more pulled out a game changer. Newcastle Brown in bottles used to outsell Bud in the UK at 3-1 ratio as the best selling bottled beer in Britain, and while the offering here is Newcastle brown on tap, rather than in bottles, it still means that finally, there is an alternative to Guinness and Heineken for the discerning drinker who wants a taste of home. (I should point out that Strongbow is also available, but I discount that as the work of Beelzebub, rather than constituting an actual drink!) So, slainte mhath Paul and Marco! I’ve got nothing but love for you in this, and I’m sure there are others who would echo that sentiment, albeit possibly with a slight slur, and just a whiff of what is affectionately known as “dog”.

Vi-Kings Sports bar and Brothers of Beer Leiden

I seem to have neglected to mention on here that Leiden has a cool heavy metal bar, or as google might like it, rock bar / rock pub.

Brothers of Beer in Leiden carries the name Hard Rock cafe and in truth it fits the bill quite nicely. Situated near Leiden town centre and in between Vi-Kings sports bar and The Duke of Oz closer to the shopping street, it does a mean set of metal, with a mix in of local and international bands passing through. Dutch is not essential but is always welcomed, not least as anyone pronouncing a dutch “G” who’s not used to it will give everyone a good chuckle! Ed and Remy, the two owners, are both great guys, and do what they can to make the atmosphere just like a metal bar should be.

I had removed this post due to a couple of issues but decided to repost.