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Therapy? interview

So, I got my first shot at an interview for UberRock and who should it be but the the very band I know most about besides Deep Purple. Chuffed as mintballs I was, and so it was out with Word, and my thinking cap on. The results of it can be found here and I have to say I’m quite pleased as Andy Cairns actually properly seemed to engage with the questions. There’s a couple of daft ones but they were still genuine questions which I was curious to hear the answers to. Kakistocracy and Crutch are such good songs.

Other than that, all’s well with the world I guess. Latvia and Lithuania were fun. Flights were easy, and generally it’s all peaceful in my world. It’s bills’r’us time but hey ho. It continues to get me back established in the system and gives me history in the UK, something I’ve not had since 2007! 

Time flies

So, it’s been 6 months since I properly landed back in Wolves in a place of my own rather than in hotels and sofas etc.. and I’ve barely added anything of substance. Time for a proper update!

I managed to capture a job in true to form Wiseman style. One interview, one job. It’s how it’s almost always been. Again it’s banal work and sadly 5 days rather than the Amazon 4 which I’d grown accustomed to and quite enjoyed but it pays a little better and keeps me out of the pub thus saving me money. Entertainingly after the interview they emailed and rang me to tell me that, on this occasion, I was unsuccessful! So, I hit the Giffard the next day to grab their wifi and whip out an album review for UberRock and a beer, only to receive a call saying I had in fact got the job and could I start at 2pm today! Already on pint 2 I said “Nope… but I can do tomorrow if that’s helpful?” to which they agreed to call me back to confirm. 12pm the next day arrived… still no call so I called them and was told “Yes, you’re due in today!”. A week later, a mix up with my rate of pay and ANOTHER letter telling me I’d been unsuccessful in my application and finally things smoothed out!

The dingey flat is still dingey, and I still completely lack any form of cooking facility but I do still have a fridge and now have plates (not just a plate!) and a couple of mugs and probably more importantly a fridge. Everyone who promised me things when I moved in simply never came through, and so I basically survived until I got paid from the first month which was fortunately a 5 Friday month so threw me enough cash to sort the essentials!  So.. ham and cheese butties abound and the local chippy/Chinese/Indians swallow more of my money than they probably should but at least I have somewhere to keep milk etc cool! The one concession to personalising the place is, I was offered a chance to review a website’s product, so converted a picture of a wood pigeon I took while in Lichfield into an aluminium styled wall picture which I have to say is rather beautiful. I miss having proper camera equipment but every now and again I land lucky with the Medion and something sits still long enough to allow me the 10 attempts I need to get it right!


So, as the 3rd year anniversary of the divorce looms I’ve decided to treat myself. These last 3 years have been hard. I’ve survived stupid amounts of stress, from the change of environment, being single again, the crazy actions of some people I trusted, work related insanity at Amazon, homelessness and to all intents and purposes, destitution, and I’ve come through the other side. I’ve survived. There’s a line from the new (and soon to be reviewed by yours truly) Therapy album Cleave that says “Success is Survival” and boy is that accurate these days. But, at least for a month, I have managed to put away enough cash to be able to get away from it all for a few days. Nothing major but, 5 days up in Latvia in Riga and a trip to Vilnius in Lithuania while there is all set up and paid for! The flights with be the first since my one way flight back home from Amsterdam and the first one coincides with the confirmation of the divorce in Leiden. It wasn’t planned like that, just serendipity or a fortuitous accident caused it to be that way. 2 new countries, 2 new capitals, some time away from Wolves and just a little nod to myself that I am deserving of more than just surviving. 

So, life is better than it was. There’s some stability, both fiscally and jobwise. 6 months ago it could’ve gone very differently. But it didn’t, and here I am. With Giffgaff now doing 20gig allowances on their sim and allowing tethering, I can even catch up on the odd Gotham episode too. And more importantly, I can stream this new Therapy? album which is what I should be doing so for now.. it’s signing off time!

boutros boutros ghali!