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 Well, I went to the Wolves v Arsenal game!


It didn’t go well! 3-1 is not how I envisaged it going at all! However, it was fun, and it was nice to be at a game again, albeit alone. I was impressed at the stadium atmosphere…not so much by the performance lol




Fa Cup Final Arsenal v Aston Villa prelude

So, it’s ‪‎Arsenal‬ v AstonVilla‬ in the final.

Will past Wembley ghosts come back to haunt the ‪‎gunners‬ ?
Has Benteke‬ piqued too soon?
Did you start reading this in the style/meter of an old Batman episode ending?

All this and more.. Go.. read the article.. and comment on it.. (not here..on the article!!).. and have a giggle at an angst ridden Gooner pondering‪ ‎FACup‬ glory!

“not so long ago at all, visitors from that distant land to the north known as Birmingham, masterminded a smash and grab job at Wembley so effective George Clooney, Julia Roberts and Matt Damon considered pooling their resources to buy Birmingham City FC just so they could rename them Ocean’s 11!”

And.. here’s my article all about it..

Arsenal and Cavani? Viable or not

I know I know.. I’m neglecting the blog and only using it to add links to my footy articles. What can I say? I’ve become older I suppose and I’m finding less things to be able to rant about. So instead I speculate wildly about Arsenal. Which is nice! Currently… well.. you can see by the title of this little missive. However, there is more too it than that. Cavani is valued at a good £50million, quite an outlay. Perhaps to accommodate him, someone like Walcott might be sold on? Could he play with Giroud? Alexis, Giroud and Cavani up front… sounds all a bit tasty to me.

Anyway.. have a shufti, and comment on the article rather than here if you have some input


Go on.. click the link.. It is… your destiny!

Arsene Wenger Xmas Wishlist

Ok ok I was bored. So, i wrote a letter, from Wenger, to Santa! Which was nice. I found it funny but that’s just me! If the world was full of people who had my sense of humour, i’d probably like being here a lot more than I do! 

However. I wrote it, it’s out there, and if you want to have a nosey, then I guess I should plop a link underneath this.

Arsene Wenger’s Xmas Arsenal wishlist

There! That wasn’t so painful was it?

Arsenal land Monaco in Champions League dream draw for Wenger

Actually… there’s not much more I can say other than read the article, otherwise it kind of renders the article superfluous… and we’ll have no superfluousness here!

My utterly enthralling missive can be found under this wonderful Arsenal FC Gunners themed link!

I know I know… I feel all dirty making a blog post and then not really saying very much, but… I’m suffering from man flu and am thus dying in a veritable oozy mess! Perhaps tomorrow I might wrote a rant. It’s been too long!

Van Gaal, Welbeck and who knows what else?

Ah I’ve been waffling again, and as such, feel almost obliged to sling up a link from here. This time it’s about the moving in the transfer windows of Arsenal, Man United, and their respective managers.

Van gaal is certainly a strange one. I don’t like him, because I thin his tactics are not adventurous enough, (I blame them for not getting the Dutch side to the World Cup final), and also I suspect he has no concept of the English league. 

And as for Wenger… well… the longer he’s at Arsenal, the more I’m becoming less hostile to him being replaced. It’s becoming an annoyance how there seem to be obvious errors in much of what he does.

Anyway… the Welbeck to Arsenal link is there, and the Luis van Gaal Falcao link is there!



New Arsenal Puma Shirt too tight for the Man in the Street?

Ah, it’s been emotional. A spanking new kit deal with Puma, and a spanking new striker. Arsenal are moving up in the world finally to where the stadium, and the ticket prices, require them to be. But, what could’ve been, and should’ve been, something to celebrate has quickly turned into something of a PR disaster for both Puma and Arsenal as the new kit, worn by Flamini, Ozil, Cazorla et al, clings to the contours of these athlete like a second skin. Fabulous looking on trained professionals, not so wonderful on the pie chips and curry man in the street. People are not impressed. “I can’t wear that, I’ll look like a sausage” etc etc… is the theme of many a tweet and internet post. 

However… all is not what it seems. Gunners, have a swift look at my article here which will explain that, in actual fact, the shirt you’ll likely be purchasing will be of a similar fit to all the other shirts you’ve ever bought.