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Travelling again

So, it seems I am off to Sweden to go see Su in her new abode. Be nice to break in the passport on a swift 2 hour flight! Still seems crazy that it’s that simple to hop over a few countries. Am not in need of a break from Holland at the mo, but I’ll take it anyway! 

Helped young sir Mike shift some stuff as he goes off galavanting again and realised it was the first time since I’ve been over here that I actually spent 8 hours in someone’s company without it being in a pub! ha a good laugh actually, though the stress of seeing wing mirrors twisted and contorted did make me a little jumpy for a while lmao!

It’s funny really. I came to realise over the last few weeks that one of the reasons that my friends over here are probably still nothing like the people I knew in the Uk in terms of closeness because as lives go, we have very little in common. I used to work all the hours god sent, and have no one to report back to about where I am, what money I’ve spent etc etc etc. None of the people I know here who I spend any time with are married. The concept of having to consider how their actions might impact their wife, doesn’t exist, and in truth that was exactly how I was in the Uk. I worked and bonked all the hours I had the chance to, often managing to at least tenuously establish a link between the two, (albeit the lady involved was a variable), and spent accordingly!  Now I don’t work, rarely spend without first thinking “is this ok”, and restrict the rodgering to milady!

It’s different! I’d write more… but the washing’s done! lol