Android Emulator

It’s been a while since I threw a tech tip out there but, I was checking my security on Google play and spied a new device that’s been using my account. Specifically a OnePlus ONEPLUS A3010! Now… I don’t use one of these, I have an Honor 8x (which incidentally shows up as a HUAWEI JSN-L21!?!) and so.. i duly began to investigate.

It turns out that, if you download an android emulator, and then log in to your account so as to get apps (I was attempting to install KiK on my laptop as much like WhatsApp it would save me inordinate amounts of faffing), the emulator is acknowledged as being a ONEPLUS A3010! Well…. it is if you use BlueStacks as your emulator anyway.

Panic over! And hopefully your issue which brought you hear is now solved and you too can rest easy. Happy days!

As a side note.. I deleted Bluestack within 10 minutes as, it logs you out on your phone each time you log in on the laptop! Am I glad WhatsApp isn’t so annoying.

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