Lock down Schmock down!

Where does a boy begin? It’s been a long few months!

So, I’m alive, all is good, and frankly very little has changed since my last check in! Well… that’s not strictly true. Much had changed, but has now pretty much gone back to normal. Albeit there’s a distinct absence of pub in my world for some reason. I came back from San Franthingy and embarked on a relationship thing with a lass who, was initially lovely, then turned into something else entirely, reverted back to lovely and then in true “Wiseman’s picked another one” fashion.. well… you can guess where that went! Actually we had a brilliant New Year… and I even went so far as to introduce her to my brother and nephew.

But hey.. things don’t always go as planned and aforementioned relationship went sideways. There’s things even I won’t tolerate and thus, I called it a day but if nothing else I got to dress up on New Year’s eve and drink whisky on Burns Night with company. This is a good photo and I’m happy to have that as the reminder in years to come as to how time passed for a while.


In terms of the whole lockdown thing… I pretty much trained for this in all the years I was in The Netherlands. It’s easy to deal with. There’s no pubs, so I am simply saving money! I don’t like drinking in the house.. so the liver is saying “Holy Crap…. what’s happening?” and suddenly feels 18 again! I’ve acquired a new pair of yellow bars, which is nice, grown my hair, which is semi behaving, and generally life is sort of ok.

I saw the Mission again! And.. quite probably picked up Corona virus there. I was dying for a few days.. but recovered reasonably quickly after the temperature subsided. It seems after the whole pneumonia thing in Holland that whenever I get sick now… it properly knocks me around. However, the Mission were brilliant. Probably their best gig that I’ve been to and I’ve been to a few! I also saw the dude from Drowning Pool, Ryan McCombs, across in The Robin 2, our local venue, and his version of More the Worthless will stay with me for a long time.

I also had my contract finally sorted. I’m now permanent at work, which is some nice security. I’m not sure where the last two years have gone but.. gone they have, and somehow I’ve managed to not walk out in a fit of temper! I’m getting older and wiser it seems! I’ve been commissioned to review another Saal Digital product too.. so that should be interesting assuming I can actually get around to sorting the amount of files needed to create what they need me to.

I was due to be finding a new place to live, but there’s been a hitch or nine and thus, I still remain in the hovel I’ve called home for 2 years. It’s become something I no longer notice now, but serves as an embarrassment at times and a reminder as to what was. But… it’s not like I can invite people round for a while. I’m specifically not going down the whole Covid rant route… but let’s just say that… if you’re in a car crash and you get mown down by a VW Golf but you happen to have traces of CV19,you’re classed as a Corona death rather than an overdose of german metal … well that explains the numbers then! No Wiseman. Leave it alone!

So.. yeah.. anyway. Much like Pearl Jam love to assert… I’m still alive. So… here’s a mugshot cos… it’s been a while.

Alistair Wiseman

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