How Quickly a Year Goes.

So.. it’ll be a year on the 7th since I landed in my current abode. A year, living alone, for the first time probably in my life. I’ve always shared a place, be it with housemates or lovers, so this has actually been pretty damn strange. But.. my bills are paid, my job appears secure, I’ve not frozen or starved, and I’ve even managed 2 new countries and… I’ve seen Clawfinger live finally!!


Yep… I managed to get to London! Chuffed? You betcha. 

So, what else has cooked? Xmas came and went. Actually Christmas Dinner was done really well. The people in the local have adopted me it seems and so I was invited for grub there. It was seriously good, but better than that was the atmosphere. A good 15 people plonked down and I commented to the landlady that there was absolutely no-one staring at their phone. Everyone was chatting and being social and generally enjoying the company.

IMG_0482 (2)

And… that’s the angle.. I don’t have a belly haha! It really was a genuinely good time. Oh.. and yes.. I lost all the hair. That happened in November. Funnily enough I ate again at the same venue only last week..  Burns night Haggis. And.. it was done.. with boiled, not mashed veg. Specially. Now that properly touched me. I’d finished work (2-10) and was collared and plonked down! “Eat this, Wiseman!” And I did! Burns night has always had a special place in my world. Seems it’s continuing along the same lines! 

So, what now? I don’t know! I’m still single. All dalliances have currently been extinguished and while there are people who certainly spark my interest … as of yet there’s nothing happening. But.. who knows what’s round the next corner. Perhaps someone will woo me for valentines day!! There are …. always… possibilities! 

And on that note.. live long and prosper!

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