Work musings.

I often tell people that I think differently to others, and I have to remember this regularly before I speak because, what I see is often not what they see, and thus I should not be shaking my head at what seems so obvious, and then speaking to people with a kind of incredulity at the lack of the concept I then have to explain. 

An example of this is at the workplace. There are sooo many people who sit and grumble about the stupidity of the other people working there, and it winds me up. Not because the people doing the complaining are not smarter than those which they’re complaining about, because they probably are, and not because it’s a tad socially unacceptable to take the proverbial out of those who are not quite as bright as myself and the others, because that’s the way of the world that’s just how it works in these places. No, neither of those necessarily bother me because I’m not someone else’s moral compass.

So, what bothers me is this: It’s entirely possible that the people in question, may well have attained as much as they can to be in this work position. Where they are now, could be the fulfillment of their potential. They’re being the best they can be. And yet, the people doing the ridiculing… are they being the best THEY can be? Are they at the highest point that their potential offers? People with degrees, ex programmers, people like myself with an IQ bordering on genius levels on the right day? Professionals and academics and multi-qualified ladies and gents. I think not. And as such, surely, if someone deserves ridicule, it’s not the people who’ve reached the pinnacle of their potential, but those who haven’t. Myself included. If we’re so superior, perhaps we should do something about it and aim higher to maximise what we actually achieve in this world? Either that, or at least have the balls to congratulate those who have done what we’re failing to do. They’ve stepped up, and deserve our respect instead of disparaging remarks.


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