In the time which I’ve been back, I’ve chosen no to mention young mistress Paula in my blogs but, time has passed and I guess if nothing else the part she played should be acknowledged as it should be.

I’ve known Paula a loooong time. She sat with me when my Dad died, nearly 11 years ago, and I’ve watched her grow from a 16 year old girl to a beautiful woman. The last 6 years she’d been my sounding board for many things while I was in Holland, and vice versa. We knew each other well, and could talk like we could with no-one else. Which is strange given my age and her being *scratches head* 27ish.

I’ve seen her transform herself. Take on and beat so many things. I was, and still am, proud of her. And without her, I don’t think I’d’ve had the strength to get out of Holland. The example she set shone like a light, and again without her presence, working the hours I did through September to December would’ve probably killed me.


And for a while at least… our worlds intertwined once again. I’ve got a reputation of being a man with a gift of words.. and yet while intertwined doesn’t quite capture the essence.. it’s nevertheless accurate. 

So, as I prepare to leave Deans Road behind me as another chapter in my life, it seems only right to say “Thank You!” to her. The only positive memories I’ll have from here is of her. Hmm.. that’s inaccurate again. Of Us. That’s better. 

However, pathways change and people part company and so it has been for us. One day in the future it’s entirely possible we’ll come back into contact. I suspect the only phrase that fits there, is “Come what may”.




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