Back in Blighty!

And so it begins.

Or rather, I do. Again. I’m not an “it”. Or a number! I am a free man! OK Wiseman… get a grip!

I made it back to the UK. Semi sane, still just about intact with regards being me, and ready to begin again. Oh yes… and utterly shattered. The shakes plagued me all day, and not just because the flight over was on a Flybe Prop Jet that looked a bit like it might require International Rescue to … well… rescue it.

So yes. Tired and emotional I appeared at Liverpool, only to be greeted by my niece, armed with 4 homemade non-buttered sandwiches at the train station! Now that was sweet. Well savory, but also sweet. You get the idea! That’s how you show support to someone who’s in need! Thank you Heidi-Rose. That will not be forgotten.

And so, I am welcomed into the Myers household with open arms and gallons of coffee. I will be forever in their debt for extending this courtesy. Who knows where I’d be were it not for them? I certainly don’t. And so, today was spent, in agencies, acquiring a new UK sim, a new shirt for semi formal things, a belt, and then a little rest and recuperation, along with the introduction of 2 large cornish pasties into my gullet! Ravenous I was.

Tomorrow.. Wolves beckons. Where I end up I’m still not certain. Wolves is where my world would be.. more how I think would be acceptable to me. Crewe however, might be the more practical. It’s all about what fits where and put simply, beggars cannot be choosers.  I will take what I have to in order to survive.

Sometime soon, I’ll write about my time in Leiden. But not yet. I’m still not at the stage where I’m fully functional, and the energy I will need in order to do it justice isn’t available yet. I fully expect never to set foot in that place again, nor see anyone from there again. There’s a perniciousness which permeates out from that place, which I hope hasn’t eaten too much of my soul/essence for it to be recoverable. It’s certainly stained, but stains can be treated, or, they can be incorporated into the whole to add to the collage.

But…all that can wait. For now, I need sleep. 


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