So much for amiable and amicable.

Furious. Utterly Furious. And it’s time to give up caring. 

Esther goes out, at 8pm-ish, saying “I won’t be long, I have work in the morning”. Which equates to having to be up at 6am.

She then messages me at 10,30pm saying she’s on her last drink.

An hour later, she’s not home. 2 hours later, she’s not home. Or answering messages. Or answering her phone. So I call the pub to see if she’s ok, thinking she’s had an accident.

3 hours later.. She’s not home. 

2 a.m. I get a message. I’m fine. Still in the pub.

2.30 a.m. She finally comes in.

4 hours after saying she was on her last drink. 3 and a half hours before she has to go to work.

I was worried sick, followed by apoplectic with anger. Anger at her, for not having the common courtesy after telling me she was heading home soon, to alter that. Anger at myself, for being stupid enough to be worried about the woman. Anger at her again, because it’s a work day, and if she turns in at work still drunk, she can lose her job, and subsequently her house. And anger at me again, for still caring what the hell happens to a woman who obviously doesn’t care about what happens to herself. 

I’m utterly disgusted. There is no way I can be friends with a woman who cares so little about either herself or others that she can behave like this. I don’t have the spare energy to sit, and worry myself stupid, either for her well-being, or for the consequences of her irresponsibility.


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