I fear my last post might give the impression that I didn’t enjoy my time in Africa. I did, where it wasn’t involving the hotel or the locals. 80% of the time was fun, because 80% of the time we were neither in the hotel, or we were using the free bar outside / in the terrace area and thus not requiring anything from anyone. 

I would not say Tunisia was a welcoming place. The hassle, the constant hassle, the insistent constant hassle, the perpetual insistent constant hassle….. you get the idea… made any excursion a nightmare, but when in the company of other tourists, such as in the bar, or watching the football, it was actually a very pleasant place to be. Warm, the sea was beautiful, as was the sand. The local beer was drinkable and stronger than it tasted, so yes, there were positives. I don’t regret going, and given the price, which is what I’d be prepared to pay simply for flights, it was an experience. It could’ve been a lot better but… such is life.

I remember my father saying “You’ll never go nowhere and you’ll never do anything” to me a a kid. Well Dad, I’ve been to Africa, Asia, Australasia, lots of European countries and North America. I’m one off the full set of inhabited continents. The furthest you travelled was the Isle of Man from mainland soil! While this wasn’t a driving point at all for me travelling, it’s still nice to know I can take his delightful predictions and ram them right up where they belong.  

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