Fa Cup Final Arsenal v Aston Villa prelude

So, it’s ‪‎Arsenal‬ v AstonVilla‬ in the final.

Will past Wembley ghosts come back to haunt the ‪‎gunners‬ ?
Has Benteke‬ piqued too soon?
Did you start reading this in the style/meter of an old Batman episode ending?

All this and more.. Go.. read the article.. and comment on it.. (not here..on the article!!).. and have a giggle at an angst ridden Gooner pondering‪ ‎FACup‬ glory!

“not so long ago at all, visitors from that distant land to the north known as Birmingham, masterminded a smash and grab job at Wembley so effective George Clooney, Julia Roberts and Matt Damon considered pooling their resources to buy Birmingham City FC just so they could rename them Ocean’s 11!”

And.. here’s my article all about it..


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