Arsenal and Cavani? Viable or not

I know I know.. I’m neglecting the blog and only using it to add links to my footy articles. What can I say? I’ve become older I suppose and I’m finding less things to be able to rant about. So instead I speculate wildly about Arsenal. Which is nice! Currently… well.. you can see by the title of this little missive. However, there is more too it than that. Cavani is valued at a good £50million, quite an outlay. Perhaps to accommodate him, someone like Walcott might be sold on? Could he play with Giroud? Alexis, Giroud and Cavani up front… sounds all a bit tasty to me.

Anyway.. have a shufti, and comment on the article rather than here if you have some input

Go on.. click the link.. It is… your destiny!


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