New Arsenal Puma Shirt too tight for the Man in the Street?

Ah, it’s been emotional. A spanking new kit deal with Puma, and a spanking new striker. Arsenal are moving up in the world finally to where the stadium, and the ticket prices, require them to be. But, what could’ve been, and should’ve been, something to celebrate has quickly turned into something of a PR disaster for both Puma and Arsenal as the new kit, worn by Flamini, Ozil, Cazorla et al, clings to the contours of these athlete like a second skin. Fabulous looking on trained professionals, not so wonderful on the pie chips and curry man in the street. People are not impressed. “I can’t wear that, I’ll look like a sausage” etc etc… is the theme of many a tweet and internet post. 

However… all is not what it seems. Gunners, have a swift look at my article here which will explain that, in actual fact, the shirt you’ll likely be purchasing will be of a similar fit to all the other shirts you’ve ever bought.


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