The Unemployed Scum Myth.

I typed this out for a Facebook reply to someone whining about people not having jobs. Then I decided it’s not worth the hassle, and didn’t post it. Then I decided, “But Al.. it’s accurate.. put it out there anyway!”, so…

An entertaining thought : The Uk has 6% Unemployment Rate.1 in 25 unemployed people claim benefits fraudulently. The rate of fraudulent claims from working people… 1 in 17… from a 79% employment rate. It’s not the people who are unemployed who are the problem. Statistically, given those figures, Unemployed people are actually saving the economy, as they are VASTLY less likely to commit fraud while being unemployed, and there are far FAR less of them when they do..

As a side note, fiscally, the amount of benefits which people are entitled to, but the Government doesn’t pay out, far far far outweighs any fraudulent claims anyway.

Be aware that the bile spouted by papers like the Daily Mail is exactly that. Bile. If you take 100 people, only 6 of them are likely to be out of work, and as only 4% of those cheat the system, it’s highly unlikely any of the 6 will be. Then from those 100 people, 79 will be working, and following the maths, at least 4 of them will be cheating, probably closer to 5.

In fact, following the maths… for every 1 unemployed person cheating, there are between 16-20 working people cheating (closer to 20 than 16), as it would require us to pick from a pool of about 416 people just to find one unemployed person cheating.

So.. that’s 1.. verses 19… out of just over 400 people. I think it’s more than obvious where the issue is, and it’s not with the unemployed.


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