The Sisters of Mercy Melkweg Amsterdam review

Well, I’d waited an awful long time to hear The Sisters of Mercy play, and having just got back from the concert in Amsterdam I’m pretty much still waiting to hear them play. Ok, maybe that’s not fair, as the band themselves were good. The music was fine, it was just the audio. Oh gods the audio. The mic appeared to work perhaps 40-50% of the time but there was an underlying noise which at times rendered Eldritch completely incomprehensible. 

Songs like Temple of Love… if you didn’t know the words, you’d’ve never in a million years have made out a single lyric. I paid 50euro for a ticket where the singer was basically pointless, but should have been the main focus. I can watch anyone play the music, I wanted the audio, Eldritch, but the sound was so intermittent that, had I not been with my wife (thus bringing the cost up to 100euros) I would’ve left after maybe song 6.

The thing is, the band who opened for Sisters, had a decent enough sound. All lyrics were understandable, and we go to the venue often enough to know it’s not the venue’s issue. A swift look at concert reviews for the last couple of Sisters gigs all say the same thing.. the sound… the sound… it’s soooo bad. So… i have to assume it’s the sound crew issue, and I wonder if no-one has had the courage to say “Hey guys.. this is shite!”. 

I wanted to enjoy this concert, I really did, but when you have only one song (and we had to wait until the encore for it to pop up) which had a vocal quality which I deem acceptable, it was simply impossible to do it. 

If you’re planning on seeing the Sisters, and you’re the type of person who would rather have not gone than go and be so disappointed at the quality of the sound that you regret being there…. I have to say… don’t go. You’ll ruin the idea that they’ll be amazing, and it’s something which I can’t un-hear. 

And Eldritch himself…? When you could hear/understand him, he sounded fair enough but you simply couldn’t hear/understand him most of the time. Looked energetic too. I bought a shirt to support the band, but I can only hope that, if my dotage comes early, my memory of this concert is one of the first to go missing. 


One thought on “The Sisters of Mercy Melkweg Amsterdam review

  1. Phew

    Thanks for the honest review – I’m visiting Amsterdam and found out only late last night that this gig was on and nearly rushed over just to even catch the last few songs. Glad I didn’t now. Hope the sound guy sorts this out.


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