Ah, a short rant about the whole immigration thing.

I wrote this as a reply to someone muttering about immigrants in the UK again, but couldn’t be bothered in the end to post it on there. Instead, I present it here. 

It’s become difficult to demonise the poor people anymore because they so outnumber the rich, and thus you’ll alienate the people you’re trying manipulate, so instead let’s have a dig at the immigrants.

Pick a group smaller than your own, use propaganda to demonstrate that you have nothing in common with them, and then portray them as a threat.

Worked in the 1930s n 40s and will always continue to as long as we have a world that says X is more entitled to Y than Z is due to where they were born. Especially when the audience believes they are personally being cheated and money and jobs are involved.

The concept that neither X or Y had any say in where they were born, is, well… ironically… foreign, (while also blatantly accurate) and because we’re taught to “love our country” like an entity, (which it isn’t, it’s a business), and so we quite literally, through taxes, buy into the idea/ideal.

So then you have a situation where, you’ve got a population prepared to swallow anything, or at least not object to it, which is generally just as bad. Why? Because the government has from the age of 16 onwards, taken X amount of money which you’ve worked for (which i never remember actually agreeing to incidentally), to spend on wars in foreign countries and give aid to countries with space programs, while it’s own population have a huge percentage of children living in poverty. But because you’ve paid into that, you’re part of the system, and so you buy in, like i said, literally. You’re “invested”.

It becomes like Stockholm syndrome. Any normal child, if asked, would say “But X and Y are the same!”. And we still know, underneath it, that X and Y are the same. But the voices which we’ve been programmed by, say.. “but we’re more entitled to Y because we’ve paid for it. And that might mean, if they have it, we might not be able to have it, because of them.” The fact that the argument is complete bollocks, is irrelevant.

I read something the other day which made me laugh. It went something along the lines of, “if someone comes to your country, doesn’t speak the language, doesn’t have any connections, doesn’t have an education, or any qualifications, and still takes your job, that mean’s YOU, who have had the opportunity to gain all of the above, are pretty damned shit, and the immigrant is a goddam hero!”

But i know, i know, it’s the things like the using the NHS and claiming benefits which really rile people up. And so it should. I mean, a person earning £20,000 a year pays a whopping 0.00003066p of their taxes for each person claiming already. Which, if there are 7 million unemployed = about 2 quid a year, assuming every single one claims everything. Let’s not mention that the amount of unclaimed benefits which people are entitled to, far outweighs the fraudulent claims, or that, for every 1 in 25 unemployment claims which are fraudulent, it’s 1 in 15 claims which are fraudulent for people claiming while working (Tax credits etc etc) thus making people working, a far far bigger drain on the coffers than any unemployed person, be they British or not.

I read something else the other day too. It was about how Mein kampf has become a best seller again, thanks to internet downloads. It’s selling in swathes in the UK, presumably to Daily Mail readers, which is scarilly the only newspaper from the UK to now be fully internationally distributed. The book has much to say on the idea of people X being lesser than people Z.

I have something of an inside knowledge as to what it’s like to be an immigrant, what with having done it twice. I live in a world now where health care is a profit making industry, rather than a make people better industry. It doesn’t make fiscal sense here to cure people, only to keep them medicated, and as often in doctors rooms as possible. I’ve seen 2 different people be scared out of their wits by being told they had cancer, only for it to disappear mysteriously (not before having taken the money for X amount of tests and in one case, rendering an old lady completely bedridden so that now she needs perpetual care, and is thus, an ideal candidate for patient/money maker of the year for the hospital.

The idea that this happens, sickens me. The idea that basic shelter and housing and money in order to eat, would be denied people just because of a: where they were born, and b: where the people who could offer them exactly that, were born, also sickens me. We live in an evolved society allegedly, but rather than give people something which, should intrinsically be a human right, we would rather swallow crap about it being “them and us”, because we’ve convinced ourselves we’re more entitled due to having paid into a system we never actually asked to join.

But then, in truth, we’re a society which has both the space, and resources to feed and shelter everyone. We don’t do it because… it might cost money. And that’s the crux. Money outweighs human life.

I’m not a religious man, in fact, I hate it, but i saw another quote pass through my eye-line the other day. It went something along the lines of “I wanted to sit down and pray to God, and ask him, “Why do you allow poverty, war and hunger,” but instead, I did not. And I didn’t for this reason : I was scared the he might ask ME, the exact same thing.”

I want to say it amuses me that people think, people born in places they had no say in, think that other people, (who were born in places they had no say in), have less entitlement to things, simply due to the fact that, the one place where X was born, is different to where Y was born. I do. I really want to say it amuses me. But.. it’s just that.. there’s nothing funny about it. Nothing funny at all


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