Happy new year

Well, I have to say, New Year started well. New Years Eve in the Giffard in Wolverhampton, followed swiftly by a visit to the Emirates Stadium to watch Arsenal v Cardiff! Getting up wasn’t an issue as we behaved ourselves regarding the drinking, so we were off and away before 8am! London was a tad wet, and our seats in the ground were high, but, I had no issue whatsoever with either! Managed to get a few decent pictures off too.


And, of course, we won! Which was nice! Bendtner and Theo Walcott scoring. The game itself wasn’t wonderful, with only 3 shots on target before we scored in the 88th minute, but this is because we’re starting Walcott again. Or rather, we were. He’s out now for 6 months with a ruptured anterior cruciate ligament, and so that’s prompted me to write a piece about AFC and how maybe this might work out nicely for the gunners. Fancy a read, then you’ll find the story here. (and the picture used in the article is also mine!) Many thanks to David and his father for the opportunity, and many thanks to a different David for a spanking new Arsenal shirt to go with the occasion! Son of Bot seems well, bouncy, and far too lively to be human at times! I maintain something happened to him when he was younger to have made him this way, although what that something was, I dare not speculate!

Meet up with Heidi-Rose to pass on mother’s watch was cool. Her kids remind me of her at that age! Then it was off to Mr Myers’s house for dinner with mistress Sadie and the very lovely Silvia-Rose! The food was as good as the company, and whisper has it that the veg for me was kept separate! Impressive! Hoping to see you both soon!

So, what of the new year? “Any resolutions”, I here you cry. Well, actually, no. I want to write more, and get myself up to over 1,000,000 reads, but, asides from that, there’s not much I want. I assume I will learn more Dutch by osmosis but without a tutor I suppose I can only attempt to teach myself, and that requires motivation which I lack. Returning from the UK this time, was probably the first time which I would’ve preferred not to be coming home. It was a better example of how my world used to work. Amble down a street, chat to people, amble into a shop, chat to people, have people beep or shout as they go past on the road. It was the world I lived in, complete with the food and drinks which went along with it. 6 and a half years have passed though, and I wonder if I could even maintain that life anymore. And as a married man to boot. Who knows? And so I sit, and tap away on the computer, and look at the year to come, the year I turn 40, with a mixture of apathy and listlessness. Maybe, if I get my teeth into the writing, something more with come of it. It would be hard to argue with 1 million reads.  By my reckoning, that would take about 140 more articles. Easily doable in the space of the year, now that I’m familiar with what exactly drives article reads.

I guess we’ll see. The best corners are the ones which you don’t see coming!


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