Raiding the Rock Vault Las Vegas

Ok, so, I shall be in sunny Vegas again in March, this time for my birthday and a late calibration of 5 years of marriage to the delectable Esther! However, it appears there really is not a lot actually happening on the 25th, which is a mite odd. While scouring an inordinate amount of pages for things to do, I came across a new show, calledRaiding the Rock Vault“, at the LVHC which, as the more erudite of you might be able to ascertain from its cunning title, is a show orientated around the history of rock and consisting of tunes from said vault. Somewhat fortuitously it also appears to be bucking the trend of not happening on my birthday, so, it already has good points attributed to it in my book! Having already procured tickets for Def Leppard in the Hard Rock, I have to wonder if this might be overkill (please excuse the poor Motorhead joke) but, having glanced at the musicians involved, (Joe Lynn Turner is a guest vocalist while we’re there, plus people from Toto, Guns & Roses, MSG, Asia and Offspring) I have to say it looks pretty damn cool. 

So, me being me, I did a little digging and decided to mail the people distributing tickets and say something along the lines of, “Hi, it’s my birthday, can you give me free tickets as your “I did a good thing” moment for the day”,  which, although cheeky, is an example of, don’t ask, don’t get. Not expecting any sort of response I was surprised to find in my mailbox the next day. Was it free tickets? Well… actually, no, but, what had actually happened was, the initial person who received the mail, chuckled, labeled it “cheeky”, and forwarded it to the MD of the company, who then took time out to drop me a line to say basically after the first week, freebies were a no-no, but, the show really is awesome, and go see it. Now, as someone who took a chance, I can really appreciate someone else taking the time and having the humour to respond. More kudos! 

So.. looks like we have an agenda for the birthday. Now all we need to know is, Smile Empty Soul, Drowning Pool or Sevendust for the other days…? lol


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