Late night musings of A Wiseman

So, the lady of the house is away! Work calls her off to a hotel some place far away, and so leaves me and my days to myself. Time to think, to cogitate, and not to worry about making the bed, or leaving my shoes in the middle of the room! Tis easy to drift back to the years I spent in Bright Street, in a flat not that much smaller than this, and smile. Those 17 years have passed so swiftly, and yet, it is so easy to, just for memory’s sake, to indulge myself and head back to the days of the Cat, Limelight, and days where I didn’t seem to feel quite so exasperated at things. 

I suppose tis only natural to reminisce, especially this week, as it’s only 4 days to go to a year since mother died. Everything passes in the end, or I suppose as NiN would say, “everyone I know, goes away, in the end”, and I can’t fail to notice that, without today’s technology, pretty much everyone I knew from my years in Crewe, and indeed in Wolves, would probably be just distant memories, either having died or disappeared, swallowed up by the miles, rather than people I can still interact with. The world truly has shrunk, and I can only be thankful that it has. 

It does beg the question though, in 11 years time, will I be looking back and and seeing these days as also being days to remember and smile about? Is that the nature of memories, to amplify good and forget the everyday mundane trivialities, idiosyncrasies, and faults of those times. Perhaps the dynamic is like that of old friends, who have transposed what were once seen as irritations, quirks to endure and live with, into  almost unacknowledged mannerisms. Insignificant things which only mattered at the time from idiocy and lack of comprehension of the bigger picture. It appears, life works within some form of parallax, a doppler effect made manifest, transposed into experiences, so that, from this distance, from this angle, what was, seems so different, than it did at the time.

In which case, it seems only logical to embrace Time as a friend, because, lets face it, as an enemy, all of the above that you have learnt to accept as endearing, could all so easily turn into characteristics which inspire only hatred and loathing, and render a placid person bitter. Not something you want to have following you round all the days of your life if you can avoid such a companion, remembering of course, that this is a companion you’re never going to be able to out run and flee from!

And so i sit, and as Eponine in the background sings “A Little Fall of Rain” and Hugh Jackman looks far too much like Wolverine to be 24601, I guess I’ve learned a little more about my understanding of this existence again. All from a casual reflection of a time, a long time ago, and a place which I used to call home. There is an argument for positive causality and serendipity here! And if there’s one thing I do like, it’s a good emotive argument! 

Welcome 2013. Lets hope this is a year to remember!


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