Gun Control, Guns in Schools, and the irrationality of Society.

So, this was a reply to a post on facebook regarding what happened at Sandy Hook, and the associated fallout in its aftermath.  A friend in Australia was engaged by someone who I presume is American abjectly rebutting the idea of taking away guns from people! *taps head in an Obelix “These romans are crazy” kinda way*

The fact that this (changes in gun control) is open for discussion is insane. Criminals will always get guns. That is a given. As a population increases, so will the amount of criminals, and so ergo, so will gun crime, because it is deemed necessary by criminals to require guns in order to complete their nefarious deeds. Statistically it will be pretty much impossible to stop gun crime going up. Claiming gun crime is going up in countries such as Australia is an erroneous parallel. There was a shooting in the Caribbean not so long ago. Statistically that day it was a more dangerous place to live than the Bronx! So lets all go to the Bronx instead for our hols. Drivel! Utter drivel. If there is barely any crime at all and then one incident happens, it is of course simple maths to then portray that as a huge increase, while not reflecting remotely the actual reality.

However, that is not the issue here. The person who did the shootings was not a criminal. He was a man who lost the plot and lived in an environment/society which allowed the said person to easily access to high powered weaponry, while in an irrational state of mind. Had he not have been able to access those weapons, this simply would not have happened. End of.

And so, we wander into the second amendment territory, and the right to bear arms. Or rather, we wander into what that has been turned into. “It is my right to have this gun”, scream the people defending their “right” to, well, have the gun they’ve already bought. “Don’t let the actions of one, reflect on the masses of good law abiding people who have bought such things and don’t go around shooting people.” And yet… you, the gun owner, are doing exactly the same thing. You use the actions of a massive minority, the criminal with a gun, in order to justify your own “right to protect yourself”, and carry/own weapons. Based on a piece of legislation written in a society with completely different parameters in mind, and added to it, the sensationalised coverage of violence in the news, designed in order to create fear.

Put people in a stressed environment and they will almost invariably snap when the right trigger *raises an eyebrow at the wording* is (de?)pressed! Create a desire, and then leave said desired object within reach, without guard, and with no fear of repercussions, and people WILL steal an object. It’s simple psychology. And so, have a society where guns are freely available, be they handguns, automatics, or even old relics that still fire, and people WILL snap, because todays society is DESIGNED to stress everyone to breaking point. You then purchase things to make yourself feel better, and this is how capitalism works. Can’t afford to buy anything? Can’t sate that desire created? Hmm.. the individual suddenly sees themselves as unable to  affect their live positively. It’s not difficult to see the spiral that can and does happen! It’s why pharmaceutical companies are 3 of the top 5 in the earnings list (thus of course taking away spending power from those having to purchase pharmaceuticals and ergo perpetuating the problem, exacerbating it, rather than curing it, because that would make bad business sense), and then you have people on the edge, with access to weapons.

Introduce guns into schools (seriously people… you’d rather introduce guns into schools than remove guns from society?? These people on this basis alone should be denied any access to firearms on sanity issues alone!) and it will only be a matter of time before a teacher snaps and slaughters a class. It’s not a speculation, it’s a matter of time.
However, all of the above is not the issue either. The issue is the generations upon generations of people, who’ve bought into (literally as they’ve purchased guns) the idea that you NEED guns in order to protect you and yours. They’ve “invested” (again literally) in it.

Quite simply, you don’t.

Insurance is available for replacing anything stolen, and frankly, the chances of running into someone who wants to actually do you harm enough that you’re going to need a gun to defend yourself against them, is so little, that the argument is nonsensical. In a mugging, any police advice is always, give them what they want, and then allow your law enforcement the chance to right the wrong.

And then of course, there is the fact that, in a society that doesn’t have guns so readily available, the opportunity to use them is simply not there! Take the guns out of the society! It’s not rocket science! Take the guns away, and the opportunity for people in a temporary state of irrationality, to allow that irrationality to bear both fruit and arms, is gone. A potential mugger with an acquired gun is far more likely to turn into an actual mugger, than one who has only a knife and has to get up close and personal with someone. Again it’s not difficult psychology.

You will always have one or two who are intent on doing violence, but America is currently set up like a supermarket, who design their layouts in order to temp people to buy things (so.. do things) that they had no intention of buying in the first place. Temptation is created. The opportunity to buy that chocolate bar, or cake, is almost too much to resist, even though you only came in for toilet rolls. It becomes a matter of self control. Will power. By 2030 over 50% of the USA populace will be obese it’s predicted. There is your indictment of the society in question’s will power and self control! It shows a 50% of people have a predisposition to accept, nay, embrace, self destructive behavior.
And these people want guns. Or rather, not just guns, they already HAVE guns. They want the ability to keep their guns and be allowed to add to their arsenal. And they are actually prepared to argue for it, and believe that their argument is rational! It occurs to me, that a society with even a modicum of common sense, would be disarming those people first on the grounds of mental health issues. But then, I’m forced to remind myself, this society in question is based on profit rather than care of its people, amusingly (ok, maybe ironically is a better word) while convincing its people that it is “protecting” them by killing far more children with their drones in Pakistan, Afghanistan, etc etc than were killed in the school in Sandy Hook, and dismissing them as collateral damage.

I started this by saying “The fact that it is open for discussion is insane”. I was right in my sentiment but wrong in my wording, because of course, the situation is not really under discussion, as that implies there is the possibility for change. Given what I’ve seen and thought about here, I can only see minimal changes on the horizon, and certainly not a disarmament happening anytime soon.

I am left to view a society so tied up in its “Right to bear arms” with as much incredulity as I have for certain Arab countries who deny the fairer sex “the right to bare legs”, and, while I accept both as being quite within their rights to do exactly that, the insanity of it, the irrationality of it, the self destructive use of a negative as a basis of a society, baffles me to the point where I have to believe that it cannot be accidental, because I believe people as a whole, are simply not that stupid!

I want to believe that. I have to… because otherwise, it seems we do not need a Mayan apocalypse to destroy society. It’s already happened, and we’ve done it ourselves!


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