Werfpop Leiden

So, we made it to the Sepultura concert, playing in Leiden for the Werfpop event. Free as it was, we’d’ve been fools not to go. There was some trepidation, different line ups have come and gone but, it was Sepultura, and, it was free! It’s not a difficult equation! Mildly moist initially there was a smidgen of mud floating about, but after download it was nothing really noteworthy. We managed to get nicely up right to the front on the barrier, stuck out elbows and held our ground! 

Es and Me at Sepultura

Roots… bloody roots!

To be fair, it was not that busy! There was very little advertisement that I noticed of the gig, and, only one of my friends here in Leiden even mentioned it on the ever thrilling world of Facebook. So, they started, were pretty much unintelligible, very loud, angry, full of energy, and on the whole exactly what was expected! Roots was saved to the last, no surprise there, but like the rest of the set, was belted out with wild gay abandon! Thoroughly enjoyable it was too!

Sepultura at Werfpop 2012

Right at the front for Sepultura at Werfpop 2012


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