Wembley Weekend

Well…. overnight trip to London… Arrived at 4.30am, an hour and a half early, having spent the entire journey chatting to a lass from Haarlem, only to find there were no cafes open at silly oclock. It was all good though, hunted down a powerpoint and charged my phone and then went on a trundle to the Thames. Tis always pretty down there in the morning. 7am found its way into the morning so i headed off again, filling my face by Victoria station in a sports bar, serving multipul amounts of sausage, bacon, beans, toast, shrooms, and, to make it healthy, a glass of pineapple! Good breakfast!

So… now for the trek across London to Wembley. Due to someone throwing themselves under a train (again) one line was out, but it was easy enough to sort a differing route. I landed in Wembley park at about half 8, and took a tour of the outside of the stadium. Man that place is big! Image

So.. being there early, I thought I’d check out the bar I was going to meet Mike at. By this time it’s 9.30am and starting to heat up. I get there, and there are already Alex fans there, and the bar is open! Sorted! So… the morning was spent, drinking slowly, and soaking up the sun. A few old friends surfaced, and eventually Mike appeared! Craig called saying he was on his way, Jo said a passing Hi, Yvonne was chatty (i was amazed she recognised me), n so we buggered off to the game! Craigs ticket meant he was one tier up from us, and we were right in the sun. Hells teeth it was hot. I mean like.. Fried Martin and a side order of Wiseman to go hot! Half time consisted of going to the toilets and attempting to drown in water! Then.. back out for the second 45.


It’s fair to say.. we had a brilliant time, Crewe won… and it was all good. Headed back to Craigs for a couple of drinks and an indian, then curled up and attempted to fend off sunstroke!

Monday was spent exploring London, had a good wander, took a bunch of pics, and basically relaxed before the trip back. All in all, everything went as planned. It’s been a long time since an excursion went that well! And now.. well now I fly out tomorrow for Wolves and then Download! Ozzy, Metallica, and Saxon are calling! It’s like a mini adventure!!

Til next time!

Alistair at wembley


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