So another new year passes. Actually NYE was really quite a good laugh. Not that many of us in the place, but that probably helped things be quite so convivial. A big shout should go out to Daniel and Florien as the host/hostess at Vi-Kings in Leiden for looking after us all. Many guinness’s were consumed, and I was finally tipped over the edge my a couple or so glasses of bubbly stuff! I remember some of the walk home but it was all good! I think I was still making vague sense, although in all honesty I think only Esther knows what I’m on about half the time anyway so there is no proper gauge! 

So, goals for this year. I don’t know really. My understanding of written dutch is now I think not that bad. I should try harder though. Or… i think I should, but then don’t bother, so i suppose that means it is not that important to me. Writing too, I should do more of. Many things were planned and started last year, and none of them finished. Was it simply procrastination or was my heart not in it? 

There is talk of a new laptop. Can I justify that without writing? Will buying it make me write out of some sort of vindication of outlay? I don’t know. Over the course of last year many relationship statuses have changed. I never speak with any of my brothers anymore, not even in some sort of passing dig at them/them at me for something. To top that off I’ve knocked speaking to Susan on the head as far too much of a drain. Anyone having read the last entry here knows that probably the closest person I have had to family in my world for 90% of my life has now been ostracized too. I wonder where this puts me in terms of being a social animal? Friendships in Holland simply cannot develop like in the UK due to the fiscal burden that is incurred in simply setting foot in a pub! This in turn means that my world becomes ever more centralised around Esther, which I suspect is not good for either of us. Too much of a good thing? I’m not that conceited lol, but I do know that over exposure to anything causes pernicious cancers to appear. 

I think the main thing I want is to be fit and strong again. It’s been too long since I actually felt fit, rather than managed to pull of the illusion! The weights bench has been a boon, and having put work in, efforts are being rewarded. The big 40 is not that far away. I remember dad doing 100 press ups at 50! If i could do that at 40 I would be happy. I think ridding myself of the puppyfat which still keeps my waist size at 34 will require running again, which is a shame, considering my running shoes STILL have not found their way back from Sweden, despite Susan again telling Esther  2 weeks ago that they would be sent.  No shock there then!

It’s good to have something to look forward to mind. Download should be something of an experience. Still not sure exactly what we will be doing around and about that time, Ireland is still a big possibility. So are rail/coach trips around the UK. Scotland maybe, or Brighton. The world is our clam! Having a point in the future where I know I get a break from Holland is a good thing. The fact that Black Sabbath are involved, makes it better. 

Right… bread needs to be bought, more reps on the weights… and maybe a couple of rounds of battlefield playforfree (AliWiseman) just to let off steam.

Welcome to 2012 people. Better than last year shouldn’t be a goal… it should be a reality! At the risk of sounding like a bald captain…. make it so!


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