Travelling again!

Well I’ve neglected this for a while now… mostly due to being mildly fuming regarding my visit to Sweden and not having enough self control to bite my tongue while writing!! However, time has passed and although being still minus trainers AND money owed, I can at least refrain from wanting to get on a plane and strangle my sister. I don’t like being used. I don’t like being treated like shit, but I guess even from the day I landed there I knew it was only going to end badly. One day I will trust my instincts over my sense of loyalty, although last time I did that a mate ended up with a mangled nose. 

So what’s new? Well, I’m flying again, this time over to Crewe and then Wolves for a few days. It’s a pain to be such a distance from people but on the other hand it is good that the facility to just get on a plane is available. Quite how Esther puts up with me I don’t know! My last trip being Sweden, I have to hope that this one turns out more positive. I don’t mind the travel but the fall out and cost of Sweden can not be allowed to be repeated. However, some things require a friend to appear. Wolves will also be fun. The Giffard is always a good chuckle, and a return to the Shed could prove entertaining too. Booked a hotel with two single beds, so may manage to lure Mr Myers out of Crewe for a beer. If not… I’ll push the beds together and spread out! lol

Other than that… Download is booked. We’re going camping! Metallica and Black Sabbath and Prodigy, oh yes! Should be a giggle. 5 days in a field. Danny will be there too… so that just adds to chuckle that will ensue. No vegas for us next year.. but looking on including Ireland as a starting point before Download, and maybe heading north (or south) afterwards. All ways round it’ll be cheeper than Vegas lol… and with the expenses of the year just gone, who knows… Vegas at xmas 2012? lol 

Right.. woman on bus home.. so I should tidy!

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