With faith you don’t need proof, but with proof you don’t need faith.

Back from my exploits in the Uk, albeit lacking the passport stuff that I wanted to get done, but actually quite pleased at the events over there. Reconnecting with Mr Myers was great, shared a few beers and a good laugh, but it was a shame the Cat Reunion was something of a washout. However, time there was spent with Jackie and Claire, and it mean’t we actually got to talk, which was good! Crewe was uninspiring as a town, nothing new there, but I suppose I still feel more comfortable there than here when plodding around the town, but that could just be because in Crewe you can nip for a beer and it won’t cost you an arm and a leg. Wolves and the Giff were fun. 

Some lass called Amy Winehouse seems to have died, who I know nothing of but i all over the news and then of course there are the events in Norway, the killings, where initially it was a case of “Blame it on the Muslims”, which of course then fell apart, but the initial perception was ingrained again by then. As it turned out, the guy in question is a Christian. And an ardent one at that! Specifying that this was to be the start of a Christian uprising against the Islamisation of Europe and the western world, the basis of his ideology was/is centered around the Christian Crusades. He’s a freemason too, and is pictured in his regalia in some reports, but, this and his staunch Christian stand are being mostly ignored. Had this guy been a Muslim, every story in the news would be starting with “Muslim Extremist”, or “Islamic Fundamentalist”, and yet mysteriously “Christian Extremist” / “Christian Fundamentalist” rarely appear, instead the media are going with he’s a neo nazi, which, as far as I can see, even if he is, has nothing to do with what has happened. This is Faith v Faith much like a few hundred years ago but, you can’t possibly portray this guy in the same way as the media does Muslim extremists, because, a vast majority of people consider themselves Christians, but also a vast majority have been convinced by the media that because of the Muslim extremists, all Muslims = Bad, and if suddenly they are confronted with someone of their own faith committing atrocities, that must by the same reasoning mean, all Christians = Bad = I/we/us! As that would be considered wrong, it would then inevitably mean questioning the preconceptions of Muslims, and that doesn’t suit an agenda based media. 

Anders Behring Breivik has a lot to answer for, but so does the media, and indeed Christianity.
Me, well, my thoughts on an all powerful god are reasonably well documented. It’s just another control mechanism, playing on superstitions from thousands of years ago, which have been contrived to manipulate people into doing what they’re told. All sides of the same coin. And so as I was about to update my Facebook dohicky, a saying came to me and i googled it to make sure it is original.

“With faith you don’t need proof, but with proof you don’t need faith.”

I like it! It has a ring to it!


2 thoughts on “With faith you don’t need proof, but with proof you don’t need faith.

  1. Valerie

    I agree with the quote – you don’t really need one if you got the other. But, and perhaps I’m just being optimistic, proof in the past and present allows us to have faith in/for the future.

    1. aliwiseman Post author

      Optimism is always good, however, we’ve been killing each other over ideologies since we realised we didn’t need to kill each other over territorial (and by that i mean personal living space rather than country borders) issues. Somewhere we forgot that Civilization and Civilized are supposed to be intrinsically linked. Thanks for the comment though 🙂


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