Late entries.

I fear I’ve been neglecting this again. The much promised pics from Vegas have not happened, and there have been no updates of any shape or form. Bad me. In truth although I suppose there has not been massive amounts to add. I’ve gotten annoyed about stuff over here, walked out of Brothers of Beer and Vi-Kings only to decide to go back to Vi-Kings and keep Brothers soundly knocked on the head. I guess it’s the lesser of two evils. Actually had some good fun in The Duke of Oz on a couple of occasions and am about to head back to Crewe for a few days in an attempt to sort out my passport. I’m not sure it will do as it’s supposed but we shall see. 

aliwiseman new york

42nd street

Dads birthday today. Always makes me raise an eyebrow, if not a glass. Not one for being emotional it generally passes without incident, which is nice. Without incident doesn’t mean unnoticed though.

Purchased weights and bench. Hoping this should get me back in the right direction! Put on 7lbs since returning from Vegas! Hope it’s muscle!

Esther Wiseman

Es in Circus Circus

Hmm.. seems I am due to hit the shop, so this blog… is cut short, and sweet. just time to throw in a couple of pics from Vegas that have been toyed with for FB and so should fit here ok! Enjoy!


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