A swift rundown of our 3rd Vegas trip!

It’s been a month now since we went to Vegas again, and I still haven’t managed to post a quick rundown as to what we got up to. It will appear here in time, as will some pics, but for now, here is a swift copy of what I wrote out for the Trip Advisor site

Ah, I’m back and toasted! All was brilliant. So.. a brief summary.

We arrive, and there is a serious queue to check in! Took us about 40 mins, which was spent chatting to various people in the line. It’s a queue, I’m British, it’s something we do well! Upgraded our room to the West Tower, and got to the room simply enough as the lift is next to the check in desk.

The room was great, with a decent view, not of the strip but of the mountains. Remember I live in Holland now with my dutch wife who thinks mountains are something that happen to other people! It was clean, tidy, had a bath, and we did not stick to the floor. Oh, and I had the best nights sleep I’d had in months! There was no noise from kids or adults.

Location note…. not once did we have a trouble getting aDeuce / Express bus when leaving Circus Circus before 10am. Simple, easy, and allowed us to interact with people on the bus. All day (24hours)for $7?? Again.. I just can’t understand why people moan!

The hotel, though busy, wasn’t TOO busy! To be honest, it was all we wanted from a hotel, and even the pool was fine for what we required. Quite why people complain about the place is beyond me.

Trip highlights : a meal in the steak house at Binions, (a great steak for me, and king crab legs for milady), several drinks at the Queen Vic in Riviera and a couple of good meals too, a visit to both Yard House pubs for the various beers, and the 777 brew pub / Main Street Station with more beer and a big bucket of prawns (shrimp). Two trips top the outlets picking a couple of 100euro jeans ($140usd) for 28euros ($30), saving us half the airfare for one person in one fell swoop, and a trip out to Red Rock with friends which again impressed milady (see above mention of being Dutch! lol)

Town Square was definitely worth a look, not least for the Whole Foods Market breakfast we picked up, which we ate sat outside on chairs provided for just that reason, and Borders, a book store which gave me two Douglas Hofstadter books, (inc Godel Escher Bach). Yard house no.1 is there and the barman was knowledgeable and personable about their products)

Lows : Monte Carlo Brew pub had neither the atmosphere or prices I remember from before, (and also had beers labeled wrongly) and Oceans One, had really bad service (asked for food without sauce, got food with sauce, sent it back much to their annoyance) and also steak there was really fatty! Will not go there again!

In truth most of our time was spent wandering between hotel and hotel and drinking in all the various bars which went with that! Enjoyed every second of it.

Flights were fine on Delta, although we did have to land in Newark on the way home as JFK had tech issues)

A couple of pics (70.. lol) are at the link below, although there are a lot of NYC which are not relevant to this. Enjoy!




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