Where did April go?

Ah it’s been one of those months. Things have built up inside me it managed to make me nearly go off pop. Tis interesting though that I’ve not written about it earlier. Maybe that’s why it nearly came to an almighty head? My usual outlet wasn’t utilised. I guess that bears investigation. 

It’s been a mix of things winding me up, some involving what is just basic frustrations, be it at some of the stories about Esther’s work (which I insist should be simpler in working process than she portrays it), the way her family seem to only want her when she can provide something, but also some of my interactions with people here, and issues with the language, and the way people behave.

I think I need the holiday! It is amazing how people react when you provide them with a different viewpoint to one they are used to. Or if you point out that something they have believed in, is wrong. I actually want to post the issues here, but can’t be bothered, because when you look back at it the issues themselves were tedious and not worth the energy, but my reactions were strong enough for me to be really angry. Normally I just forget it, but this time it got to me. That bothers me. I have no urge to “go off pop” again. It’s been a while and my temper has been curbed for a reason! 

Living here I think takes it out of me. The language is bonkers, and learning it seems reasonably impossible given the tools available. I quote from a tutor, and people can’t understand it. A friend replies in Dutch, and neither I or Es can understand it. It’s written down ffs… it’s not like it’s affected by accent etc… and you’re all using the same language. And when I ask “Why”, all I get is “I don’t know”. How is that going to teach me anything. I’ve had enough to be honest, so need the break. It feels like everyone is being ripped off, everything is more complicated than it should be, and the people here are just happy to sit back and accept that they are having the piss taken out of them. 

I did a little spreadsheet comparing the price of going out over here to in the Uk. 10 drinks here (5 each), came to OVER 3000 euro MORE per year, than drinking the same amount in the Uk (which is actually about 8 and a half drinks in the UK as 500ml “pints” are a lot short of  REAL pints. So realistically, as we’d always drink more than 5 drinks (and certainly more than 4 n n arf in the uk) it costs closer to 5grand a year.. for one night out. I used to go out 2 or 3 times a week!! that’s an 8-10 grand discrepancy, and that’s not including the actual price.. that’s just the over and above price of the drink!

And then I came to thinking…. when I am asked about what’s better over here, i always say you don’t need to be looking over your shoulder in case you get mugged. But.. that’s not a positive. It’s just an absence of a negative. That is how life should be. To claim that, what should be normal, is actually normal, and then attempt to use that as a positive is just stupid. 

And now you get the whole Osama being dead thing. The stupidity of people is beyond me sometime… and it makes me want to get people and shake them! The photo, emblazoned across every front page yesterday morning of Osama having been shot in the face, turned out to be a fake. However, it was also a fake that predated yesterdays events by 2 years. Get that? The photo is 2 years old! Yet, Osama was shot in the head yesterday… and still people WILL NOT accept that the photo is fake. Even though you can show them that the photo predates the event by two years. The fact that it is a fake photo is superfluous, because unless the guy who published it had a time machine, traveled to where yesterdays  events took place, snapped it, then traveled back in time, and published it 2 years ago… then it doesn’t take a genius to see it is falsified information being fed us by the media.

And yet…. I’ve not seen one question… (asides from my own) asking how this image, used as proof of the event, was not at least slightly researched. The demonstrable impact the image had, is obvious because, even when shown that the image predates the event by two years, rational people, with iq’s of 100+ will still attempt to make up an excuse, and say .. oh well… it “might” not be real, allowing for the possibility, but not accepting it, purely because they have been given this information from a source which they trust, believe in, and have therefore placed in a position of power over them, so much so that they will rationalise the irrational. That is mind control and manipulation beyond anything I’ve ever seen before. But surely… once shown how they have been sucked in… there must be questions asked? I doubt it. If people can’t get past the fact they’ve been scammed so obviously, I can’t see them then wanting to ask questions about why this happened, because to do so, might endanger their system of how they view their lives, and they’re just too fragile to have that happen.


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