Medion Akoya e2203 d Review

There seems to be no mention of this PC even existing and, oddly enough, the Medion website appears to be down! Akoya e2203 generates laptop reviews but the number is different. Anyone stumbling across one… feel free to drop me a link, and it will be interesting to see if you guys come up with something before Medion pull their finger out and get their website up and running again!

So.. why the sudden new PC? Well.. after an excellent night out, we come home to find the PC was deceased, or more accurately the graphics chip. Had it been a card instead, replacing it would’ve been so much easier, and far less costly, but, such is life. So, off we trundled, with me pondering exactly how to get the data out of the old pc. Turns out the pc place had a box that you can just dump the drive into and it works the same as an external drive. Coolashaker! All the stuff is available and all is right with the world!

So…. now I have to sit and fight with a new OS…. Windows 7… but… it’s in English! Yey!


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