Vegas Calling

It seems we’re heading across the pond again to the place where we were married. Circus Circus in May to soak up some sun, and possibly a couple of $12 steaks!

It would appear Esther has taken something of a shine to Vegas! Who’d’ve thought that the lass who complained about going into town on a Saturday because it was “too busy” 4 years ago, would head across to the neon and the pools for another visit? I have to raise an eyebrow at how she’s changed. Confidence does wonders for a person. And me? Well… it has a pool, it has Newky brown and Boddies, and it has the football and afore mentioned steaks! I’m happy! And… I get to speak the language of the people who are there while not feeling guilty about it!

In truth, yet again we’ve managed to secure the trip for less than it would cost for a good hotel on a greek island, and there is the benefit of having been there before so we already know most of the layouts! Cheep jeans in Esther’s and my sizes? You betcha. Considering the umpteen kilo’s missing from milady since last time we were there, clothes shopping should be a chuckle!

But, and in my opinion, this is the best bit, with muchos manipulation of flight times, we manage to get a full day’s lay over in … New York! Easily 12 hours to play with. A day trip like that would cost the best part of 400euros, and you’d have less time and more jetlag! Although it’s never been an ambition of mine to go there… you have to say that it is a nice feather to have in the bow. Es works hard and it’s nice to be able to come up with something which should see her able to just let go for a few days. If you can’t do that in Vegas, where can you?


And so the next couple of months will be spent attempting to lose those last couple of pounds of belly I acquired while in Wolves. I’ve maintained being under 12 stone, which I am pleased with, but now, the aim is to be 11 stone exactly before the influx of rib-eye! With that in mind… off to the wii boxing it is!


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