New Year With Wifey and Nephews!


So, we made it back over to Crewe again on a quest for jeans, underwear, and catching up with old friends! Not sure as to which category real beer falls into but… we caught up on that too!

New Years Eve we headed straight into Crewe, hit the shops on a quest for pantage, and managed to manipulate a meeting with Heidi-Rose! Was good to bump into her again. As suspected, she appears to have her head screwed on, the girls were bouncy, and H managed to get us into a scary shop with dodgy shoes.


Tickets sorted for later on (thank you Ross n Karen) it was time to get down to serious shopping! Jeans appeared to me in a surprising form! BHS! I fear I am getting old! Okies… back to the hotel and off to the pub!


1st stop, The Duke of Bridgewater on Edleston Road/ Wistaston Crewe, made especially attractive by its free WIFI. There we met Chris and Richard Wiseman, Hamish’s kids, and Matt, for a few games of pool, and a pre Dantes beer or four! Nice to break the ice in a venue where you can hear conversation! Actually had a really good waffle with them!


Then to Dantes. Was good to see Paula again, looking especially well, and good to introduce Esther to Lisa, Sharon, Pod, Jo, etc etc. All in all, we had an excellent night! Awesome seems to be the buzz word! lol

So Saturday arrived slightly blurry, but it was a day to relax. Tramped off to the imp for some footy, and dropped Mike and Sarah a bell to say where we were. They came down for the Liverpool game… which extended into the Arse game… which moved on to a curry! A good time was had by all, but I’m never mentioning carnations or Surf n Turf in company again!


Then, we took a trundle to the Hop Pole and had a chuckle with Mr Myers! Always good to catch up!

3 Wisemen
Ah 3 Wisemen …. err…. Wisemans

So, Sunday we hit Hanley, and, instead of getting jeans, we wound up with underwear. Hmm.. actually that’s not quite true. Es got underwear! Surprisingly expensive but still waaayy cheaper than Dutch offerings, it was good to get things that now accommodate her weightloss! Hot stuff milady! lol

And so it came to the time to head back home. But first… a day in Manchester. Having only managed to pick up two pairs of pants (part of the vindication for actually heading over the water was “Buy Pants! Buy Lots!”) we did Manchester! And lo, there came upon the two Wiseman’s some jeans! 4 pairs in fact, of which milady also seems to fit in all of them! 6 pairs of decent jeans for under 90quid! Bonus! That saved the airfare and most of the hotel bill!

So… asides from the delay on the way home… all was well with the world!


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