Miners in Chile V Minors in Africa!

So… about the situation in Chile… It’s simple.. they’re being rescued. Whoopy do! Done and dusted, (presumably heavy on the dusted!). Does it really merit 24 hour tv coverage and muchus proclamations of happiness over said 24 hours by people the world over?


What has happened is a massive sensationalising of something which.. lets face it… isn’t actually that sensational. People stay in submarines longer. These guys are used to being underground. (asides one)

Once found alive (good good), these guys were established as fine, and rescue-able, then in truth, asides from the initial guy coming out to show the rescue shaft works, it should be done and left alone. To sit proclaiming elation initially is over exuberant to start with, but I suppose I can let that go, but for the next one.. and the next one after that? It’s superficial. Once one guy is out… it’s established that the exit works! It ceased to really be news after the second person came out.

But the crux of what really bothers me is that what’s happening here is a massive feel good thing is happening because of it, and the enthusing etc. There are far far more deserving things to get animated about, but these things don’t get column inches… 24 hour tv coverage etc.

What input have you/anyone viewing had in saving these people? None. So.. if you want to get enthused about something… get the broadcasting people to have live feeds from african villages where people are dying, and have them film aid delivery arriving, or not arriving, and the subsequent consequences of both. Most people have somewhere along the lines sent some money to african appeals etc… so, get invested in something you have literally invested in. Get emotional content from something you have had input into. Then, at least, fervour can be justified, and indeed more help can be gleaned from it. It can escalate…

I am willing to bet if you had a live feed from africa though on a major tv channel, covering their plight 24/7  people wouldn’t watch it. Lets face it… when the comic relief things come on with the kids hideously thin with flies in their eyes…  we all look away and go make coffee. Strewth, they even introduce it with a warning “Some people may find these images disturbing”! GOOD!! Be disturbed!! Perhaps that might get a reaction!<br>

These miners, once established as ok, and a rescue tunnel was dug, were always going to be fine (although considering the mistresses/wive that are waiting for them.. some might want to have stayed!!). So in truth anyone “celebrating”, isn’t celebrating the achievement, because that was a foregone conclusion and therefore in reality needs only an acknowledgement of success, much like when a pilot lands a plane you’re in.. you give him a round of applause! (not you personally..).

IN my opinion….  What they are actually doing is conning themselves that all is well with the world.. and reinforcing it with these images as proof! Which is sad really, because if people took a similar interest in something which was actually important, maybe the world wouldn’t be as it is today!


As a side note… it appears it takes 10-15 mins to winch one minor out. So.. every 3 seconds a child dies in Africa… so…  that’s between 200- 300 dead kids per winching up. Sighs… and there you have a small piece of perspective.


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