October wanderings

So… I have had to move the blog to here, as it would appear that Windows live blogs are about to be eaten. This is a pain, not least because there are about 5 years worth of back links to my blog floating around the net, and also certain blogs which can no longer be accessed will be lost forever. I suppose that’s life. Nothing these days is permanent!

So…. what’s new with the Wiseman. Not A Wiseman.. THE Wiseman! Yeah yeah i know, old but what the hell.. lol Life is much the same as ever. We have a nice new array of real beer here, located at The Tuckerbox in Leiden! Bottled beers just like at home, Tanglefoot, Waggledance, Wadworths 6x, Hobgoblin and many more. Always good to give them a shout out as they provide us with sustenance!

Today was spent wandering around in woodlands and dunes, and then a meal by the sea! All is well with the  world and, a few pics will find their way on here as and when I find a way to link albums to here!

Not the most thrilling of new blogs for here I know.. so I shall work on that in the coming days. Actually after a few looks, I suppose I can get used to how this looks…. *mutters something and trundles off*


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