Stuff with extra stuff and Wifi Crewe Pub Duke of Bridgewater

So, again it appears that I’ve neglected this blog. I’ve been bouncing all over the place and seem to somehow have not found time to add to this. It’s a tad bad of me!

So… what’s new.?

We saw Rage Against the Machine in Finsbury Park London! Twas Excellent! Seriously good fun. 2 days in London were actually nothing like I was expecting. I recall London as a nasty city, dirty, imposing, and not a place to stay in. Instead of this, it was clean, welcoming, easy to explore, and generally a fun place to be. At no point did I feel threatened. We walked for miles and did most of the sights, as you do, and left thinking it was a place we could come back to with more time on our hands.



We met up with Danny for the concert, and spent the day ambling about the city til it was time to go see Rage. Tickets were picked up easily enough, and we had time to plod round the park, fill our faces, and actually get a decent standing place! The support bands were a bit ropey, but Rage were excellent. It’s fair to say I don’t think we’ll ever see the like of that again at a concert. Probably me just being overly romantic, but it felt like we’d been a part of something. *rolls eyes*




The trip back on the bus was very doable, and all was well with the world!


Then, the world cup landed. Much was made of the English team again, and as ever they were very poor. Not as poor as France or Italy mind, but still pretty damned rubbish! However, they made it past the group stages, and as ever, landed against Germany, so, in keeping with being in mainland Europe now, we decided to go watch the game in Dusseldorf. Good choice! We had a brilliant time in an irish bar, in toasty weather, and thoroughly relaxed! Es did the drive nice and easily presumably more confident from the trip to Calais a few months back, and acquired a new bag which I think she likes….


.. and I had my hair sliced and diced because of the heat, and because quite honestly it was getting right on my nerves! lol


It was again a really good experience. First time I’ve been on German soil asides from the airport, which doesn’t really count I suppose! Came back glad we went, which is testament to something!

And then, last week, I trundled back to Crewe for what might be the last time I stay there, unless we grab a weekend for a beer or similar. The underlying reason was a tax thing, stuff owed to me from years ago working nights in Bayliss in Wolves. However, it’s always good to catch up, and Andy, Pauline, Shaz, Dave, Mike and Sarah, Jo, Tony, Glyn, Elouise, and Lisa were all people I was pleased to see. Footy with Mike was fun, although ze Germans sucked! Hop Pole and Dantes with Tony was excellent. Seeing Jo again was entertaining. Not entirely sure if she thought I was quite as daft as she remembered me, but I guess I got older! Seeing little Ellie all grown up was brilliant! Had a good waffle to Lisa while walking her back home too, and it was good to see her dad Glyn looking well after all he’s been through. The tax issues are sorted I believe, but my bank card is still not finding it’s way over here from David, which is an issue which need resolving soon.

Oops, nearly forgot, went and watched Predators in Crewe, and then came back to The Duke of Bridgewater for the Wifi Internet Access, (the only pub I could find with Wifi in Crewe), and had a pint with nephews Chris and Richard! Again it was good to catch up!

And then back home. Where Es is looking for a next step up the career ladder, and her docs results have come back clear for the first time in over a year. Must be a worry gone from her mind. Somehow from the airport to home the laptop screen has managed to crack. Not amused at all about that, but I guess accidents happen


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