God Debunked again.. lol

Ah.. facebook status’s will be the death of me.. lol
God is a concept created by man through his arrogance and self importance in order to attempt to justify his/her existence.

Man is an actuality, created initially by evolution, and now in the age of enlightenment, by himself. 

Unfortunately, man has been left with the entrails of his progression dragging around his feet. One of these entrails is a congenital fear of things like spiders and snakes. Hundreds of thousands of years of living in situations where a fear of spiders and snakes have now conditioned a good 89% of mankind to be scared of both. Even their movement instils fear and the instinct to run. 

You know, and I know though, that the actuality is, both of these creatures are generally harmless because the likelihood of us being in a situation where either could harm us mortally is pretty much nil, as we have the technology to render them ineffectual. Our fear of them is now pointless. We have rendered them impotent, yet still we can’t shake off the thing that thousands of years ago kept us alive.

God is basically the same. A remnant of past times where by technology never existed to prove evolution, nor explain why the sun rises every day. However, the same predisposition that makes us afraid of spiders, makes us vulnerable to the idea of God, because civilisation links progress as a species with a belief that THAT civilizations God allowed it to happen. Technically it became evolutionarily valuable to pick the right God (and if you live in certain countries it still is!!) and nowadays this is played upon purely to satisfy humans need/urge to believe they are here for a reason. 

We’re not.

As for the need for a beginning and an end…. that too is a human concept. If the universe is infinite, which it is, "beginning" and "end" are meaningless concepts. Throw in quantum, and you can have beginnings and ends which didn’t exist elsewhere too. 

We attempt to anthropomorphically create these things in our own image because we wish to apply our own parameters governing our lives to everything. This, put simply, in this day and age, is merely a homage to our past and should be recognised as such. 

Unfortunately society has created a rod for its own back, and given us a psychology that has "dependency problem available for hire" written all over it. From our very beginnings as children we are taught we need to improve, to better ourselves etc etc otherwise our existence is meaningless. Out of this comes self loathing, and a need for redemption, first from parents and then from society. 

Enter belief in God, abuse of alcohol/drugs etc etc. They all fuel the same thing, just at differing ends of the spectrum. We are conditioned into utilising whatever stems the psychological assault on our self worth. Then, our addiction becomes the meaning of our world. To then remove that from a person, equals to them, a removal of the meaning of their existence, leaving a void. They allow their dependency to define themselves, just as they allow their Gods to dictate their way of life. 

We exist, as a progression (??) hmm… no… as a continuing arm in the body of evolution, and, as with any organic life form, our only reason for existence is, to reproduce. The creation of the original organism  which started life as we define it off, in a universe which is infinite, is statistically impossible not to have happened. 

What’s handy is, we are now "advanced" enough to see the truth in this, as we sit and watch the sun come up and know it will rise again tomorrow, albeit with one eye out for spiders and snakes, because, well… it never hurts to be ready, just in case….!

Cor.. not bad for 5.37am! lol


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