3 years and counting

Ah.. another couple of weeks pass by and no entries. Bad me. 

So, what’s new? Not vast amounts really. It’s been three years now that I’ve been in this country and I am still no closer to understanding some of the attitudes here, and how the people allow the country to remain how it is. I came clean with Esther about quite how I feel about it t’other day,mostly as a result of actually having a decent night out, but then remembering quite what the cost was for it on the way home. Money shouldn’t be an issue between couples, and, it’s not an issue with us as far as I know, except for when, I see what appears to be the country ripping Esther and now by proxy me, off, left right and centre. It shouldn’t cost nearly 100quid for 5drinks each and a meal out. It’s nuts.

A perfect example is, we’re looking at going to the Stone Sour concert in a few weeks time. The ticket prices are twenty euros each, probably the most reasonable price I’ve seen for a ticket here. Excellent, I hear you cry. Go for it. Enjoy. But no… tis never that simple here. Es is on the final screen for booking, and says to me, "Ok.. you sure…? Tis 55euro in total.". 55euro? How can that be? Apparently you have to become a member of the club first before you can see a band there, plus X amount booking fee. So…. the actual price is about 28% more than the advertised price. Why??? For fucks sake.. if it costs 27.50 for a ticket, say so… don’t advertise it as 20 then sneak in an ass load of charges. This might seem petty, but this happens on almost everything. A microwave with a price tag of 50e actually will cost you over 55. That’s a 10% hidden charge, and that’s assuming you are paying cash. Arrgg… lol

Asides from that, Es had a few days off so we took a wander down to the south of the country to a place called Roermond, which was nice. Ended up in a pub called Jill Murphy’s Irish bar and had a serious meal there. Mixed grill was brilliant. Next door was another pub where we sat and watched Arsenal lose to Blackburn, a result that we’ve been asking for all season but it’s seemed like no team could really be bothered to have a go at us.  

Coots and swans have all hatched. And.. I seem to have found a way to ease the Rosacea symptoms.. a drink of beer a day seems to do it. No idea how or why but, my face has been clear for a week now, which considering it’s been cabbaged since January is a decent improvement. I suppose I should be pushing to try and lose that extra layer of belly in order for topless summer sun to have at me.. but I’m lacking motivation. Es on the other hand.. is doing brilliantly. Nearing 10ks down from the start of the year she now fits in my jeans, lol. I’m just glad we’re not the same shoe size. 

Rage against the machine awaits… that should be a chuckle. Not sure about the support line up, but it could just give us longer to amble around London till they appear on stage… I can live with that.

Last episodes of House and Greys are due next week. I suspect this will be my prod to learn more dutch. Best intentions are easily swayed, especially when again, motivation is an issue. I’m beginning to think that Dutch might be a nice asset thought if I ever end up back in the uk. Let’s face it, it’s an obscure enough language that, if you have skills in it, it’s likely they’re going to be in demand. 

The wii seems to have lost it’s interest. last usage I think said something like there had been 12 days since it was last turned on. Not being much of a games player I’m not really that into it anyway. There probably are games I might play on it, but I’ll be buggered if i’ll spend 50euro on a game to find out it’s pants. I’ve never bought a pc/console game in my life… no urge to start now. 

Right… it’s nice out, and I have a good book, balcony time calls.

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