It’s not just showers that fall in April!

Hmm.. i seem to be neglecting this again!

So, what’s new? Well.. the last blog, Esther mailed Hamish back asking what exactly was offensive about what I’d posted. Unsurprisingly she had no reply!

That aside… it’s been a busy few weeks. The birthday went off ok, as did the anniversary of the dead baby! Seems Niki has now moved to the UK, and Paul is in the clear about everything, so all issues there to me are resolved without anyone having any permanent scars, something which surprised me! Can’t be a bad thing in my book! The contact with me has dropped down to a minimum again, although Su did call on my birthday which was cool! She loves me really.. lol. The birthday, I had a few beers, then on the weekend Esther drove us down to Calais, where we  grabbed a ferry and spent a few days in Dover and Folkestone! Stayed at a place called The Portland Hotel Folkestone which was ideal for ferry crossings and had a bed that I wish we could’ve packed up and brought home with us! 36? I can’t really be 36? Can I? Seems bizarre! Of course, it helps having Anthony’s birthday yesterday.. lol.. at least  I have someone in the same boat as me! lmao

06 Cathx2

Actually had a really good time in Folkestone n Dover. Watched a little bit of footy, ate some Crocodile.. (Krokodile? You jokeo? No! Krokodile!!) which was nice, and generally relaxed. Made great time back as well, possibly a confidence thing, although in truth we didn’t have the best of traffic on the way! es piked up a french army jacket… for a whopping 5quid! I might be swiping that!

 16 Cant

The we land back home, trundled off to see Alice in Wonderland (not related to any planes and trade centres), we grabbed a beer on the way home, and me being me, managed to get my laces caught on my peddle, so instead of putting my foot down to lift me up the curbs… I tried and the foot wouldn’t budge.. so I fell… with quite a hefty splat, ribs first, onto a double curb! It’s a few days after now and they’re healing nicely, but certainly for the first 48 hours i was fearing cracked/broken. Could’ve so easily punctured a lung! I got lucky!


18 Es Cant

So now I’m stuck moving between sofa and bed, and thought i should update this! Not really that much to say though! So… I’ll just add a couple of pics n say “Gday!”.



Ps… this is a great pic.. lol…


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