Raging against umm.. not much really!

So, what’s new with the Wiseman?

Well, to start with, the whole saga of Liverpool seems to have been laid to rest! Refunds aplenty thanks to a little bit of persistence meaning flight, coach and hotel seem to be being dealt with, which is nice. I still maintain it’s  amazing we got anything back at all, and it’s a great indication to me that Easyjet quite like our custom! They were not obliged to do anything for us.

So, we’re off to London early June to see Rage Against the Machine at Finsbury Park in London. Having been keeping an eye out for information about the promised free gig, I was fortunate enough to spy that they had released a way to get tickets. Send in a pic of yourself (and if you wanted to go with someone, a pic of them too) which could be used for I.d. purposes, within a 48 hour period, then wait a couple of days whereby tickets would be allocated on a rolling lottery system using the confirmation numbers we’d received from  them, the idea being, enter the number and then sit hitting refresh and hoping that you get lucky once the booking started. There were 120,000 people who registered (would’ve been way more had the details been common knowledge), and the venue holds 40,000, so initially you’d think that you have a 1 in 3 chance, however, I was willing to bet that probably at least half of the people entered would be couples, so that brought it down to 90,000 max waiting to enter details. Then, factor in that the draw started at 9am, that meant nigh on half the people would likely be at work, which left 45,000 people. Add to that, the likelihood of all these people only using one browser/one pc, while I led my own assault  using laptop, pc, and 3 browsers with 4 tabs per browser …. the law of averages, and probability were all in my favour! And Presto… I got through! And then the browser crashed! Nooooooo! lol 3 times I got through, and 3 times the browser crashed! Arrggg! 4th time I got lucky though, and it worked. Sorted! As it happened an old mate from Crewe was going too, if he could get tickets, but had to go out, so while I was on a roll, I managed to get through again.. and got him one too! Then, it turns out, Danny is heading down there too!

I’ve kept my weight down under 12 stone, which I’m pleased with. Mostly diet controlled, but not by using a diet! Just a few alterations to what I eat! My wisdom tooth gave me some serious grief over the last 2 weeks. Was thinking I’d be in hospital for it at one stage. Treated it with Ice Cream and malt whisky, and it’s sorted it’s self out! Which is nice! Doc seems to be ok with Es’s bp now too… so that’s all good. Still not found my way back  into the Kings in Leiden. Brothers of Beer is a more than ample substitute!

Right… ending with a pic! 


Alistair Wiseman


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