More global warming shinannagins

chuckles… I should probably now add this… "Climategate U-turn as scientist at centre of row admits: There has been no global warming since 1995" Click the link at the start for more… 
Did you know that a british court of law recently classified / catagorised belief in Man mad global warming as a religion? 
I was reading a piece in the Washington post about all this yesterday. It uses a lovely quote which says about Orwell "In "1984," George Orwell wrote about Big Brother (government) being so powerful that it can persuade people to believe things contrary to their senses. It even can convince them that two plus two is not equal to four. I think this is true of this issue. And, i can see why you can class this as a thing similar to religion. (the whole article is interesting and can be found here). I don’t need to mention the 49 states with snow and the crazy experiences we had earlier in the year… etc etc
 To me, religions play on peoples insecurities. They convince people that they need saving, they are born with original sin, and need to repent for their natural state of awfulness. Basically they create an inferiority complex for you to wallow in and then offer you a solution via something which invariably means you have to give X Y or Z to, where X Y or Z usually involve either money, lifestyle change, and/or the need to convert others to the cause. Man made global warming fits the bill nicely, and, guess what, the people at the head of the pyramid, stand to make (and already have made) billions from it. 

Every one of us is vulnerable to self doubt, and it is the natural state of a human to, when confronted with something they don’t understand, attempt to attribute blame to themselves. This is why kids blame themselves when parents divorce, because they HAVE to have something tangible, palpable, to hand, to explain to them why this awful thing has happened. What religions often do, is tell you that YOU yourself are the awful thing for even existing, and that you need to be cleansed. Global warming is doing the same. They have created an idea that the world is changing and it’s all bad, given us the idea that it is OUR fault, allowed us to fall into the trap of blaming ourselves because that is how we have psychologically been brought up to behave, and then offered us the solution, which coincidentally means altering our life styles and giving our money. 

To me, belief in this, and especially zealous belief in this, could easily take the place of some other affliction, such as self harming / eating disorders / depressions, because they all feed from the same place. Man made urges to attribute blame to ourselves and society’s nice little way of convincing ourselves to hate who we are. All of these things can be beaten by the power of the mind! However, the best made prisons are the ones we make for ourselves and especially so if we don’t even know those prisons are there. But there is profit to be made from keeping mankind in such a vulnerable state, so I don’t expect much to change soon, unless we wake up and realise quite how this comes about.

 I’m not holding my breath though! lol

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