Relgious Ramblinga again.

Ah.. i saw an article on the beeb news site about "Why does God allow natural disasters" in the wake of the Haiti earthquake. Anyone reading this, nust surely know I’m going to respond. Not entirely sure however if my response will be posted on the bbc site, so I shall reproduce it here for your reading pleasure! 

Ah, i always find this kind of topic amusing. If something good happens which "Just happens", it’s a miracle and Gods doing. Something bad happens and, "it just happens", and people make up excuses for it. 

What really worries me is that, as a species, we have been bred into such insecurity that we require a "Higher Being" in order to vindicate our existence! How sad is that?!

This earth wasn’t made for us. We are nothing special to it. It is just the product of a bundle of gases and we are a product of that continuing process. We need to get over our arrogance in believing we are something unique and get down to actually looking after the human race as one species, which means pooling our resources so that buildings and structures do not just simply collapse like this again.

Idealistic and, of course, not economically practical, because, without the leashes put upon us by religions, or rather by ourselves when inducted into our various "societies" which contain said religions, how would the few continue to delude the many?


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