A New World Order.

I read a lot which pertains to the idea that the world is being manipulated into becoming a New World Order, whereby centralised power means that one place can pretty much run everything.

I also read that this, is a bad thing.

So I ask… "Why?"

There are several issues which I can raise which would make for this being a better environment for us all to live in.

1: No territorial issues. You wouldn’t get stupid idiotic wars over disputed land like that which is happening in Palestine. You could travel to where you wanted, settle, and just get on with your life.

2: No ridiculous patriotism. We would all be of one nation and so there would be none of this anti american anti isreal anti iraq anti scots anti english anti tanganyika piffle which plagues our world today. I don’t capitalise the country names for a reason. Ask yourself this, does it really make you better than X Y or Z just cos you were born in A B or C? What an utterly idiotic life view is that? With no borders to dispute, no flag to burn / kiss, perhaps we could judge each other on how we behave as people, not as some stereotype projection created by 90% hearsay and 10%media propaganda.

3: No passing the buck! Were we all to be one nation, where would the excuses be for god knows how many million people dying from preventable stuff such as dirty water, no heating, no food. Nowadays we sit here in our oversized houses burning electric, using dishwashers wasting all manner of resources not giving a crap that what you used on a 2 hour dish rinse could keep a family alive for a month elsewhere, we have no affinity with these people. They in a different country, on a different continent, of a different race, in a different environment. Frankly..why the hell should any of that matter. We’re all the same species for crying out loud! How the hell can the human race justify/vindicate having billions of gazillions of eurodollarpounds to spend on weapons and then claim people die from not having clean water? I know which I’d prefer on my conscience out of giving up shouting for anyone other than england in football internationals and seeing everyone housed because of saved money from negated bureaucracy, or maintaining my cheering on of the *insert name here* in the forthcoming world cup and knowing that because we’re all separated/segregated we have to maintain armies / airforces / weapons etc so my government can rationalise a lack of funds for wells and electricity.

Ah I could go on but, these three reasons alone to me scream at me that anything lost in the devolving/evolving of several states/countries into one, might at least rid the world of some of the structures it currently has which to me appear to be designed specificity to ostracise man from man, race from race.

The best most recent example of this is Obama. I wonder who is the more advanced, the man who celibates the first black man to be president of the usa, bellowing from the rooftops about how the world is changing for the better, or the man who never noticed Obama is black in the first place, because the need to differentiate, doesn’t exist.


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