Cor… interesting!

Being a bit of a fan of psychology I was messing with an application which generates a mini profile and it came up with this.. You can click on the link at the top of the graph to see the full profile!







Having married a lass with a masters degree in psychology seems to have kept up my interest in things of this ilk. I have to say, I was surprised at quite how accurate it turned out to be. Out of the 189 friends I have this claims my emotional stability / neuroticism is better than anyone elses listed, plunking me into a bracket where by only 11.5% of people have a lower state of neuroticism than my good self! I wonder if this is something to do with the Dutch air, or if this is how I’ve always been. My guess is the latter lol!
Also added on to the base of this, there comes a Jungian Typology Estimate, which threw at me the answer ENTP (Extraverted Intuitive Thinking Perceiving ). Part of the description for this type of person matching my results, and therefore me heheh, says : "They may have a perverse sense of humor and sometimes play devil’s advocate, which can create misunderstandings with friends, coworkers, and family." *grins* Me? Devil Advocate? lol Hmmm!


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